Intermediate Music Production Course



The intermediate music production course helps you dive deeper into music theory, learn the more advanced parts of your chosen software and create your own signature sound.

We’ll show you how to create a memorable track and how to fine-tune the whole thing to a professional level, within your chosen genre.


A firm grasp of the fundamentals outlined in our Beginner Music Production course.

1-2-1 Tuition

Lessons are all taught one-on-one from our Birmingham studios. You'll never be in a group, and you can learn at your own pace.

Flexible Scheduling

There are four two-hour lessons that you can book any day of the week at any of our studios. All equipment is provided and lesson times are 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm or 8pm, once booked you can reschedule when needed.

Graduates Get Benefits

Music production graduates will be given first-hand advice on approaching record labels and we will submit suitable tracks to our record label partners. Previous students have released on Spinnin', Toolroom, Defected, Sony and Universal! Graduates can also spin their tunes on the dance floors of our club partners like Ministry of Sound and at all of the LSA DJ gigs. It goes without saying that graduates will join our growing community of DJs and producers who actively support each other, it's like one happy family.

Rated #1

DJ Gym has 100+ 5 star reviews, celebrity alumni and accolades from across the industry. Our tutors are practicing DJs with extensive experience in the music industry.

Accredited By LSA

DJ Gym is accredited by LSA, the UK's number 1 DJ & Music Production academy based in London.

What Will I Learn?

  • About music writing techniques, tips, cheats and advice
  • Advanced melodic progression and groove structure
  • Advanced audio and Midi FX
  • How to use third party plug-ins
  • Basic synthesis and how to create your own sounds
  • How to remix
  • Advanced compression, side-chaining & automation skills
  • How to use Mid and Side EQ’ing
  • Advanced audio and harmonic processing including vocals
  • Basic recording techniques, bussing, grouping, send & returns

State-of-the-art DJ Equipment & Music Studio

You have the choice to learn how to produce music at DJ Gym on Ableton Live, Logic Pro or FL Studio. These programs allow you to create your own original music from scratch and are used professionally in the music industry.

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Take Your Tracks To The Next Level

Go through your productions with your tutor, recapping your beginner music production skills and furthering your knowledge in all areas. We’ll give you specialist insight with some handy tips, tricks and cheats that will help you produce faster and keep the creative juices flowing.


Groove & Melodic Structure

We’ll show you how to create a groove and melody that will progress and develop over the course of your track. Putting your harmonic theory to good use.


Advanced Audio & Midi FX

Learn all about your DAWs advanced Audio and Midi FX and how to apply them to your genre of music. We’ll also show you how to apply your FX using the Auxiliary channels and bussing techniques.


Third Party Plugins

We’ll guide you through the maze of third party plugins available and show you which ones are suitable for your genre of music. We can also give you advice on templates and presets.


Recording & Multitrack Recording

We’ll show you how to record your own sounds from the real world, perhaps a vocal recorded in the studio or even a sample from an instrument or turntable!


Synthesis Theory

We’ll teach you all about synthesis, the art of creating your own sounds using a synthesiser. You’ll learn all about ADSR and the modular synth layout.


Make Your Own Sound

We’ll show you how to create a unique sound with the synthesiser and use it in your own track to create a memorable sonic identity.


Advanced EQ Skills

We’ll tighten up your sound and show you more advanced techniques on the EQ including Mid and Side EQing.


Advanced Compression Skills

Now you have some awesome new sounds you’ll need to process them using a compressor to get the right kick out of them. We’ll show you how to beef up your sounds so they dominate the dancefloor.



Learn how to chop up and remix your favourite tracks or samples. We’ll teach you how to create catchy remixes and enter competitions to gain experience.


Transitions For Your Genre

Learn how to tie your tracks structure together with creative transitions relative to your genre of music.


Advanced Vocal Editing

Learn how to process, warp and EQ your vocal recordings or samples to a professional level. We’ll show you all the relevant audio FX and plugins to use.


Advanced Automation Skills

Learn how to automate FX and events in your tracks to create epic builds and seamless transitions.


Polish Up Your Track

With the mentorship of your tutor, work together on your track so that it has a full structure and rocks the dancefloor.


Managing Creative Flow

Learn tips and tricks to improve your creative flow and to keep churning out fresh ideas without getting bogged down by the details.


Advanced Mixdown Techniques

Take your mixdown to the next level with advanced techniques including bussing, auxiliary tracks, send & returns and signal paths.


Basic Master

Learn all about the process of mastering and create a basic mastering chain with your tutor suitable for your style of music. You can then use this as a template for future tracks.


Constructive Criticism

Get in-depth advice and constructive criticism from your mentor. Learn how to push yourself to improve your mix and and your creative ideas.

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1-2-1 Tuition

  • Choose Your Lesson Times
  • Choose Your Tutor
  • Availability 7 Days A Week

Save Money

  • Courses From Only £269
  • Discounts On DJ Equipment
  • Practice In The Studio

DJ Gigs

  • DJ At Ministry Of Sound
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  • LSA Accredited Courses
  • Certificate Of Graduation
  • Join Our Community
Marc Spence


Adil (DJKhanFu)

DJ / Producer and Breakdancing Champion

Matt Florance

"DJ Gym started my DJ career in London. I couldn't thank the crew enough for the guidance and knowledge they have given in regards to DJing and music production. Best place in the UK!!!!"

Eddy Mino

"5 stars just can't rate this place. It's an unbelievably amazing place and the tutors are so talented. I took the DJ and music production courses over 12 weeks at the academy. I learnt things professionally and got so inspired! Not only do I get to play from small bar to big clubs in London, I also got my track signed for a record label at the end of my course. DJ Gym is definitely worth it. Highly recommend!"

Nadia Coppelman

"Marc was an incredible production tutor! He was able to cover advanced topics with me and is completely aware of current and past production trends. He also tailored the course to cover all of the topics on my list and was really easy to get along with!"

Heather Makin

"Taking lessons at DJ Gym was literally the best decision of my life! I came to the school knowing absolutely nothing whatsoever about DJing. A year on, I'm out doing gigs which they got me at Egg Ldn and now I'm producing my own tracks which I never thought possible (they even organised getting my first remix track mastered for me). All the staff are really friendly and go completely above and beyond for you. My tutors were amazing throughout - they're knowledgeable and really good at underpinning everything they teach with music theory in an accessible way. I'd recommend DJ Gym to anyone - hands down the best DJ school in the UK!"

Matt Jones

"So I started by taking DJ lessons and had a session with each tutor. They were outstanding to say the least. I learnt more than I could imagine off each of them, to a point where I now feel fully comfortable behind the decks. Today I finished my second day of the production crash course with Marc Spence, I've learnt a phenomenal amount about Logic Pro, and how to produce. This guy's on the ball and knows what seems like everything about Logic X and production. Never a dull moment with the 16hrs spent on Logic in two days! Highly recommend the DJ and the music production course with DJ Gym!"

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