At what age can you start to DJ? 

At what age can you start to DJ? 

With the rising popularity of DJing in mainstream culture many parents ask us the question; 'at what age can you start to learn how to DJ?'

DJ skills are an amazing way to get children involved in music. Many children and young people are not interested in learning a traditional instrument like the recorder because they don’t see how it relates to modern music or culture. However, DJing is more visible within modern music and becoming a DJ is something that children and adults want to do alike! 

We think it’s fantastic that DJ equipment is now widely available for any budget and children or all ages can get involved in music in such a fun way! We recommend that children complete the Beginner DJ Course first and then if they show a real interest in continuing parents can invest in something like the Pioneer DDJ-200 controller. For more information about what DJ equipment to buy a beginner DJ click here

Many of our younger students go on to learn how to produce music and also sometimes run their own children’s discos! A few even create their own events business and perform at other children's birthday parties. 

DJ Courses For Children

Our DJ and music production courses are taught one-to-one so we will adapt the lessons to suit any age or ability level. It also means you can choose when you want your child to take the lessons. Click here to contact us and find out more about children's DJ lessons. We have studios in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford and online lessons available too! 

Who is the youngest DJ? 

There are many stories online about the youngest ever DJs. There are children as young as six able to mix properly. The youngest students that have completed our DJ courses (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels) have been six years old too. Six seems to be about the youngest age that we’ve seen students successfully learn the core skills. However, we have even given short lessons or introductory lessons to students even younger than six. Even toddlers can get involved with digital instruments and iPad apps! 

A great example of a younger DJ student of ours is DJ Zel at ten years old! She started when she was only six! 

DJ Zel

The Benefits of DJ Lessons For Children

Early Computer Skills & Technology Adoption 
Music Editing Skills & Music Software Skills
Dexterity & Hand/Eye Coordination
Rhythm and Timing Skills
Harmonic Music Theory
Musical Phrasing Theory
Musical Terminology & Language Skills 
Music Research Skills 
Interpersonal Skills With Students & Teachers 
Performance Skills & General Confidence 
Personality Development 
Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Skills 

Click here to contact us about our DJ courses for children of all ages. 



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