Birthday Gifts for DJs: From Small to Large Presents

Looking for the perfect birthday gift for a DJ? Searching for the perfect gift for a DJ shouldn't be a chore! DJing is a brilliant hobby and there's so many awesome presents you can buy someone who loves DJing. We've compiled a list of gifts for DJs that won't break the bank. We've got small to large present ideas that will help you find the best gift for the DJ in your life.

There is something for every budget within this list, birthday gifts that would make any DJ's day. We've included small thoughtful presents and more substantial investments. Wether your DJ friend is a beginner or pro, there is something in this list for everyone. Here's our top sixteen picks starting off with our very own DJ gift vouchers.

Small DJ Gifts

Here's a list of the top small gift ideas for DJs.

DJ Gift Voucher

Experiences make the best and most memorable birthday gifts. DJ lesson gift vouchers are an excellent way to create a lasting memory and help your DJ friend upgrade their DJ skills. Consider booking a gift voucher for DJ lessons at our London, Manchester or Birmingham locations!

You can buy single two-hour DJ lessons as gift vouchers or an entire course! The recipient can then choose the day and time they want to take their class. The tuition will be tailored to suit their ability level, anything between total beginner and advanced professional.

Gifting them a voucher will also allow them to join a thriving DJ community where they can make friends and connections in the DJ industry.

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Studio Time

Every DJ needs to practice on a variety of DJ equipment. This is why booking studio time for DJs makes an excellent birthday gift! There are numerous DJ studios nationwide that offer DJ studios for hire. We operate in London, Manchester and Birmingham but there are also other providers in more locations. Click here to speak to a member of our team about booking studio time as a present.

Click to book a DJ Studio at London Sound Academy


What could be more valuable to a DJ than their hearing. Help your DJ friend protect their most valuable asset! Earplugs can be sought for a variety of situations and price points. Simple foam earplugs are useful when clubbing and more robust plugs can be used when actually performing. We love the custom-made ACS earplugs for professional DJs but if they are beyond your budget there are numerous options.


Most DJs will use USB sticks to store their music and audio files. Having reliable and high-quality USBs is vital. The best brand in Sandisk, they deliver the best standard for USBs. We recommend the simple 32GB Sandisk USB for DJing. We really don't recommend any other brand! USBs are a thoughtful and affordable birthday gift for DJs, something they will always need.

LED Lights

Help your DJ friend get creative by setting the vibe with some cool colour-changing LED lights. They can be used at gigs or in the studio. They are also great to help set the scene for DJ livestreams and content creation shoots. Some LED light tubes have various settings including dance party options with flashing lights, perfect for a Birthday party!

LED light bars make affordable and awesome gifts for DJs


DJs are the centre of attention so having a look that stands out is important. Why not help your DJ buddy live up to the limelight with some DJ-style clobber? Perhaps they have an important DJ gigs where they need to look the part or a DJ photoshoot coming up!

Studio Decor

DJs love to decorate their home studios to inspire creativity. Help them fit out their home studio with DJ artwork and accessories. DJs often need a fitting backdrop for their videos, helping them catch attention online and spread the word. How can you help them set the scene for their TikTok backdrop?

Tripods & Phone Mounts

Nowadays, DJs need to be constantly creating content to keep their followers updated. Help them get the best shot with a tripod or phone mount. We really love the special camera grips that allow you to attach your phone in various locations. They are great for filming DJ gigs with GoPro's or smart phones.


A lot of DJ technology is moving from a pay-once to a pay-subscription system. This includes music libraries where DJs find their music. We love to use Beatport Link, Beatsource and Tidal for DJ streaming. Consider getting a subscription for your DJ friend to help them find the best tracks for their gigs. These subscriptions can be easily cancelled and restarted at anytime and are billed monthly.

Big DJ Gifts

Looking for that extra special DJ birthday gift? If money is no object we've got a list of blow-out gifts to inspire you.

DJ Headphones

Successful DJ sets rely on DJs monitoring the sound using professional DJ headphones. Decent headphones are not cheap and start at £100 upward. Sometimes a DJs choice of DJ headphones is very personal so it might be worth consulting with your DJ loved one before buying a pair.

DJ Photoshoot

A DJ photoshoot is an awesome and unique birthday DJ gift. DJs need a constant stream of new photos to help keep their fans updated. DJs also need professional photos to send to music journalists, blogs and use for promotional purposes. A DJ photoshoot would surly be one of the most one-of-a-kind gift. If you're booking a DJ photoshoot in the UK we recommend contacting Thomas Hensher.

DJ Photoshoot by Thomas Hensher - Available as a Gift


Another essential tool for DJs is a high calibre set of DJ monitors or speakers. They are crucial for DJ practice and for producing tracks and remixes. As with headphones, DJ speakers can be quite a personal choice so it's best to consult your friend first. However, some of the best DJ monitors include Pioneer and KRK.

Music Studio Gifts

Many DJs also dabble in music production. The two skills go hand-in-hand. If your DJ friend is producing music or interested in production you may wish to consider buying a suitable gift. This could include, keyboards, drum machines, syths, production software, plugins and sample subscriptions. There's such a number of gifts related to production we think we'll make a second blog!

DJ Decks

Perhaps your friend needs an upgrade? You could buy them the latest DJ controller to help them practice their DJ skills. There are three main types of digital DJ decks, you have industry-standard CDJs and mixer setups, all-in-one units and DJ controllers. There is something for every budget from a few hundred pounds to over ten grande! It's quite a minefield so we're offering you our help. Contact us if you want some help deciding on what decks would be suitable for your budget.

DJ Retreat

If you want a jaw-dropping birthday gift for a DJ this might be it! A relative new-comer to the world of DJing is the growing popularity of DJ retreats. If you've got money to burn and want to buy one of the most expensive but incredible gifts a DJ retreat might just be for you. DJ retreats normally last a week and are often held in the mecca of DJing, Ibiza. During the stay attendees will relax with Yoga, Pilates and eat healthy food. They will nurture their body and their brain with daily DJ and production classes with industry help.

We run an annual DJ retreat in May in Ibiza but are thinking of expanding to other months and locations. Click here for more DJ retreat information!

Certified DJ Course Qualification

Does your aspiring DJ friend dream of launching a DJ career? Make their dreams come true with our full DJ course programme and opportunity to DJ at Ministry of Sound and in Ibiza. Students who complete Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced DJ courses with us will gain LSA's Pro DJ Certification and be invited to DJ at incredible venues! Contact us to book this option.

The Best DJ Gifts await!

No matter your budget, you can find a DJ gift worth giving. We hope you found our definitive list of DJ gift ideas useful and find the perfect present for the DJ in your life!



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