Christmas Gifts For DJs

Looking for the best gift for a DJ?

Christmas is coming and many people are searching for the perfect gift for a DJ! Here's our annual top ten guide to help you find the best present for your DJ loved one!

1. DJ Lessons

DJ lessons make excellent and memorable gifts. Give the gift of music this Christmas and launch a new passion for DJing!

Gift vouchers available for DJ lessons at any of our studios, suitable for all ages!

Buy online and receive your voucher by email instantly!

Lessons are taught one-to-one and available seven days a week!

Lessons can be tailor-made to suit any ability level, even advanced DJs!

Lessons can also be taken online!

Lessons are available in Manchester, Birmingham and Oxford. You can also book in London via London Sound Academy by clicking here.

We offer three different gift vouchers for DJ lessons. Two-hours, Four-Hours and Eight-Hours.

Click here for DJ lesson gift vouchers.

Gift Vouchers For DJ Lessons
Click to view our range of gift vouchers!

2. DJ Decks

Contact us for special discount prices for the full range of Pioneer DJ equipment!

DJ Controllers

Every DJ loves to play with new toys! If you're looking to buy something for a total beginner DJ we recommend buying a Pioneer DDJ controller. The DDJ 200 is great for kids and the DDJ 400 controller is a sure start for DJs of any age.

If you're looking for something with even more effects and creative options you can look at the DDJ 800 and the DDJ 1000. All of the Pioneer DJ controllers are highly recommended!

DDJ 200 or DDJ 400

DJ All-in-one Units

If you've got a bigger budget and want to buy something that is similar to the club setup DJs use worldwide, we suggest getting a Pioneer XDJ unit, like the RR, RX2 or the new XZ!

Pioneer XDJ XZ

Industry Standard DJ Set Up

The best DJ set-up in the world and the industry-standard is the Pioneer CDJ3000s and the DJMV10 mixer! A whopping six thousand pounds-plus of DJ equipment! It would make for an insane present for a very lucky DJ!

The Industry-Standard Club Set-Up

3. DJ Headphones

Every DJ needs DJ headphones to practice and perform in clubs and at gigs. There are lots of options for headphones but one of the most popular options for our students is the Sennheiser HD25. They are durable and affordable!

HD25 Headphones

4. DJ Monitors

A great pair of studio monitors will improve your DJ practice and help you hear every detail of your music. They make an awesome gift for any DJ! We love the range of Pioneer speakers and the best ones for beginner DJs are the DJM40 BT. They are bluetooth so you can also use them to connect to your phone!

Pioneer DJM40 BT Speakers

5. DJ Photoshoot

A DJ photoshoot is a great idea as a gift for a DJ. A specialist photoshoot will help give them the images they need to promote themselves online!

Click here for a DJ photoshoot!

6. DJ Logo

An iconic DJ logo will help any DJ career! It's often hard to find a designer who can make something impactful and memorable, while sticking to industry requirements. We have the perfect designer to help any DJ create a logo, just for them. This can also be bought as a gift! Click here to contact us for more information.

7. Camera For Live-Streaming DJ Sets

Every DJ in 2020 has been obsessed with live streaming from home! It's the biggest trend in EDM at the moment. Help your DJ loved one level-up their DJ stream with some professional broadcast equipment! A good camera is vital to get the perfect shot! We love this Logitech C922 for HD image quality.

Logitech C922 Camera For Live Streaming

8. Camera Tripod For Live-Streaming DJ Sets

Another great addition to the tool bag of any DJ is a tripod. This awesome tripod here has flexible legs and a phone attachment alongside the option to attach a GoPro camera! Click here to get this tripod!

Hama Flex Tripod

9. Music Production Lessons

One of the best ways a DJ can grow is to learn how to produce. We offer music production lessons and courses suitable for all ages. Students can choose their lesson times and learn on either Ableton or Logic. Lessons are fun and easy to digest. It's an awesome gift for a DJ and might help them make DJing a new career!

Music Production Lessons Make a Perfect Gift!

10. Ministry of Sound DJ Experience

The ultimate DJ experience is to play in the famous Ministry of Sound! You might think this is impossible but did you know, all DJ Gym graduates can DJ there! To play at Ministry of Sound students need to complete the Beginner, intermediate and Advanced DJ courses. They will then be invited to join our community and get gigs including in Ibiza and at Ministry of Sound!

For More Information About This Opportunity Please Contact Us!

Our Students Playing At Ministry of Sound!



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