DJ Classes

DJ Classes

Are you looking for DJ classes? We offer private DJ classes in the UK in Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford and London! We also offer online DJ classes too! DJ Classes are the perfect way to learn how to DJ and explore electronic music. You can book DJ classes in our studios seven days a week and learn how to DJ at your own speed.

Our DJ classes are suitable for any ability level, any age and any genre of music! We can also teach with all the different DJ software and controllers out there. Our studios is fully equipped with the latest Pioneer DJ Equipment.

DJ Class Availability

All our studios have DJ classes available seven days a week from 10am till 10pm. If you can't make it to our studios contact us and we can arrange for you to take the lessons online over Zoom.

Click here to contact us and arrange your DJ classes.

Lessons Available Seven Days a Week 10am till 10pm

What do I need for DJ classes?

You don't need to have any musical background or DJ equipment to start with our beginner DJ classes. Just book the Beginner DJ Course and take it one lesson at a time. The Beginner DJ Classes will teach you all the fundamental theory and skills, everything you need to hit the ground running on your chosen DJ software and equipment. Once you've completed the Beginner classes you should move onto the intermediate and advanced DJ classes in order to graduate.

What are the benefits of DJ Classes?

Our DJ courses, classes and lessons are accredited by London Sound Academy, the UK's leading electronic music academy. Once you have graduated from the Advanced DJ Course you will gain your LSA certification and be invited to join our private alumni community group. You will have a great time networking and meeting fellow alumni and music industry professionals. It's a very supportive family. In the group, we post daily updates including DJ opportunities. All our graduates can DJ with us at famous venues including Ministry of Sound and on our annual tour in Ibiza.

Other than these amazing DJ gigs you will love having a new vibrant hobby that takes your love of electronic music to the next level! If you're loving the courses why not look next at music production classes on offer in our studios and learn how to make your own tracks.

One of our many graduates performing at Ministry of Sound in London

How to book DJ classes...

If you want to book your first DJ class at the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced levels just click here to contact us, or click here to view our DJ courses. You can book on the website and follow the instructions in your email to choose your lesson times. Lessons are available seven days a week.

Click here for DJ classes at London Sound Academy.



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