DJ In Ibiza

DJ in Ibiza

Do you dream of DJing in Ibiza? It's the main goal for most DJs to play on the famous island. Ibiza is the go-to summer destination for electronic dance music and the most famous destination for super-clubs. DJing in Ibiza is an incredible experience and a massive achievement for any DJ.

If you want to learn how to DJ and get access to DJ gigs in Ibiza join our one-to-one DJ courses in Manchester, Birmingham, London or online! Graduates of our full DJ course will have access to gigs we organise in the UK and Europe including in Ibiza!

How to DJ in Ibiza

To get access to the DJ gigs in Ibiza that we organise you need to complete our Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite DJ Courses at either our Manchester, Birmingham or London studios. Once you have completed these courses you will be invited to join our alumni community group and have access to DJ gigs opportunities that we organise for you. Not only do we place our DJ course graduates on gigs in Ibiza during our annual tour but we also organise DJ gigs in famous venues like Ministry of Sound and Egg. We also work with radio stations and music festivals to help you get your first DJ gigs.

For new DJs finding DJ gigs is the biggest obstacle in their DJ career. It's very difficult to get any DJ gigs when you are new and on your own because many promoters will only book people they know or people who are already playing lots of gigs. This is a chicken-and-egg situation. What you need is the support of our academy network and our alumni community group to help you get your first DJ gigs in the UK and in Ibiza.

Once you've had some gigs you'll find it much easier to then branch out and network this promoters to find further DJ work.

The first step in this process is to enrol on our DJ courses either in our London, Manchester or Birmingham studios. Click the links below to get started.

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DJ in Ibiza after graduating from our DJ Course

Where can I DJ in Ibiza?

During our annual Ibiza DJ tour we organise gigs at many locations. We work closely with clubs like Amnesia, Eden and Es Paradis among others. We also work with Float Your Boat partiers and have worked with Pukka Up. In addition we organise DJ gigs in swanky hotels, beach bars and at pool parties! If you can see yourself DJing to the sunset in Ibiza and in front of international crowds, this opportunity is for you!

DJ Course Graduate Julie Mont DJing for us in Ibiza
We work with Amnesia and many other clubs!

You can play at clubs, beach bars, hotels and pool parties!

Find DJ Gigs in Ibiza

To get started, enrol on our DJ course, complete all the levels and then join us and DJ in Ibiza! Click the links below to book your course. Lessons are available seven days a week. You can choose your own lesson times and schedule.

Click here for London
Click here for Manchester
Click here for Birmingham

Click here to contact us for any more information.

If you are looking for a DJ in Ibiza to hire please let us know and we will help link you with a booking agent.



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