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DJ on Genius Radio with DJ Gym!

We have an exciting new opportunity for DJ Gym graduates to host their own show on Genius Radio, one of Oxfords leading online radio stations!

Dj on the radio at Genius Radio

Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to join the team of Oxford’s number one urban sound station, Genius Radio Oxford, and having been a part of the platform for a few months now I thought it would be good to write a blog about the station as well as about the opportunities this show opens up for our DJ Gym graduates.

Created by Chris Dukes, Genius Radio Oxford began last year, and already has some of Oxford’s most talented DJs on its roster. With new mixes and shows everyday, 7 days a week, Genius Radio provides the perfect platform for DJs to perform regularly and also gain exposure; as well as providing their listeners with a limitless selection of music. Genius Radio’s mission is simple - ‘To bring Oxford together through the love of music!’ - and the broad music policy, spanning from house to hip-hop, makes this ambition possible. Genius Radio is growing all the time and is going from strength to strength, even holding it’s first event at Fever last month which was a great success, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them!

I myself have a weekly two hour show on Genius Radio every Friday at 8-10pm and am looking to use the platform to help DJ Gym graduates gain exposure, as well as have the experience of playing on the radio. I have already had a couple of DJ Gym alumni on the show and am looking to add more names to the list. To be eligible to play on the show students must complete the Advanced DJ Course. With regards to music policy, I am very flexible and am happy to play whatever genre suits the guest DJ.

Why radio DJ culture is important

Radio is one of the main ways people discover music and discover DJs. If you're looking to promote yourself it's the perfect platform. It's also a crucial tool in building a community around music and DJing and a founding pillar of modern music culture. Many DJs network with guests on their radio shows, form new friendships and collaborate on bigger projects. If you're a newbie DJ you should look into join an online station or even starting your own. If you want to learn how to start your own station just give us a message on our contact page for help and advice.

How to apply

I hope you have enjoyed this blog, and if you have any questions about appearing on the show then please feel free to email me at:

You can check out Genius Radio Oxford via their website, Facebook, Instagram or by using the Genius Radio Oxford App - you can download this straight from the App Store.

Paul Dempsey


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