Download Free DJ Music: Where can I download free music for DJing?

Download Free DJ Music 

Are you wondering where you can download free music for DJing? If you’re looking for free DJ music to download you might be in for a disappointment. There are not many legal ways you can download free music for DJs, at least legally.

Many of our DJ course students will want to save money when learning how to DJ with us so naturally they want to get from free music to practice with. There are a few options so read this blog for more detail on the links.

Summary: 9 Best Free Music Download Sites for DJs

The top courses to download free music for DJing are...

  1. Soundcloud
  2. Mailing Lists
  3. Promo Lists
  4. YouTube
  5. File Sharing
  6. Beatport
  7. Jamendo
  8. FMA Archive
  9. CC Trax

Remember, it’s important that DJs support the music industry by buying their music. This will help artists make money to continue their art and release more music. If DJs didn’t buy their music the whole ecosystem is at risk. Support the cause and download your music legally. Check here for some ideas on where to download music for DJing legally. 

Where to Download Free DJ Music 

Here’s all the options for where to download free DJ music! Click the titles for the links.


The top place for DJs to download free music is Souncloud. Soundcloud allows DJ and producers to upload their own music and remixes and choose to make it a free download. Many DJs and producers and even record labels will allow you to download some of their tracks for free from Soundcloud. There are so many free tracks for DJs to download on Soundcloud it should be the first play you look for free music. 

Mailing Lists 

Many DJs, producers and record labels will have their own mailing list. You can often find out how to join their list on the their website or Instagram profiles. Make sure you join the mailing lists of the artists and labels you love and keep an eye out for exclusive free downloads. Many artists will also allow you to download free music in exchange for following them on social media. 

To find some mailing lists simply find some tracks you like on a website like and then look at what label the track is released on. You can then Google the label and find their website. Most labels will allow you to sign up to a mailing list on their website. See how many you can sign up for.

DJ Promo Lists

Once DJs reach a certain level of credibility in their scene they might be able to join a promo list. Promo lists send out free DJ music to DJs in exchange for feedback or exposure. It’s common for radio DJs or big DJs to get music before it’s even released this way. It’s an excellent way to get free DJ music and also be one step ahead of the other DJs. 

One of our favourite promo services is FATdrop

YouTube Convertors

Many DJs will use a YouTube convertor to rip (illegally copy) a song from YouTube. DJs should avoid this because it is illegal and will also potentially infect your computer will malware or viruses. In addition, the quality will be compromised and there will often be issues with audio blips or errors in the file itself. Avoid ripping from YouTube and instead support the artist by buying tracks from legal sources. 

File Sharing 

Many DJs will share music with their friends. This is common in the industry but it is technically illegal as when you buy your music you do not have the right to copy and redistribute it. You’ve been warned but of course we are not the sharing police! 

File Sharing Websites 

There are many famous file sharing websites like Soulseek or Limewire. These platforms allow users to share all types of files. As mentioned, it’s illegal for you to copy and distribute music, even if you paid for it so this is best to avoid. 


Bandcamp is one of the best online sources for music of all genres. Some artists on Bandcamp will also offer free downloads so it's worth checking out what is available.


Jamendo offer free music downloads for various genres of music. This is an ideal platform for new DJs to download musical totally free. These tracks are not well known popular tracks but offer new DJs a way of getting free and good quality music to help them learn how to DJ.

FMA Archive

FMA is a free archive of music of different genres. All tracks are cleared for public use and provide an incredible resource for DJs as well as content creators.

CC Trax

CC Trax is another free archive of copyright-cleared electronic music suitable for DJing and also great for content creators. Check out this large resource of totally free music for DJing!


It’s much better for DJs to try and buy their music from legal sources. This supports the artists and helps DJs control the quality of their music collection. It’s also a lot less hassle!

Click here to find out more about downloading DJ music legally. 

Click the image to find more places to download music for DJing


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