Free DJ Course?

Looking for a Free DJ Course? 

If you’re looking for a free DJ course look no further. No seriously! Don’t look for a free DJ course if you want to become a professional in the music industry!!!

Sure, there are free DJ courses online, mostly on YouTube but they are not coherent and provide no accountability. It might suit some learners, especially those on a budget but it might also be a false economy, hinder your progress and destroy your confidence.

There is a saying… ‘If you’re good at something never do it for free.’ That certainly rings true about our DJ courses. Our tutors are experts and our academy is world-leading. Our curriculum has been developed over 14 years and with countless students learning on a myriad of different types of DJ equipment. All that knowledge has been condensed into our DJ course curriculum. 

Our courses not only benefit our amazing students but also our tutors who have fulfilling and meaningful work teaching the next generation. Most DJs work on weekends with gigs on Fridays and Saturday nights so teaching at LSA is the perfect way to interact with the daylight world! 

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Learn to DJ and join the community for DJ gigs and more!

The Important of a Place to Learn!

There is no better way to learn than in person. That’s why all of our courses are available in our central London studios on the latest DJ equipment. Going to a studio and having your own tutor makes the learning experience fun and memorable. You’ll learn quicker and in more depth, making sure you’re confident enough to become the artist you want to be. 

The music industry is based on who you know, so if you're always DJing in your bedroom it's never going to happen for you. Step out of the bedroom and into the main room with the DJ gigs you get with our courses.

Benefits of our Pro DJ Course

There are tons of benefits to learning with DJ Gym and London Sound Academy versus on your own. Other than a world leading curriculum you will make many friends in the community and have access to career changing DJ gigs. 

1-2-1 flexible lessons
Choose your tutor
Learn with your own music
Access to our creative central London studios
Award winning curriculum supported by all the major DJ magazines
DJ gigs for ALL graduates including Ministry of Sound, Egg and Ibiza
The recognised LSA Pro DJ Certification program
Join the private LSA community 
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels Catered For
DJ at Ministry of Sound and in Ibiza

The Reviews Speak For Themselves 

Don’t take our word for it though. Make sure you read our reviews. We have over 500 five star reviews across all the major review platforms including Facebook, Google, Trustpilot and 

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Read the reviews and you will hear heartfelt stories that really show how LSA and DJ Gym go the extra mile for all our students and works tirelessly to provide the highest standard of DJ and production tuition. Another thing our students are forever grateful for is providing them with DJ gigs on completion of the course. Many students use this as a springboard and go onto big things in the music industry. 


If you’re looking for a free DJ course you will find it on YouTube but you’ll miss out on all the best parts of learning how to DJ, mostly the human interaction and the joy of being in the studio with your mentor. The LSA community is one of the major reasons people join LSA other than the gigs we organise because of the sense of being in a true family of likeminded people. 

Join our DJ Course in London by clicking here.

Join our DJ Course in Manchester by clicking here.

Join our DJ Course in Birmingham by clicking here.

Join our DJ Course in Oxford by clicking here.



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