Gift Inspiration For Music Producers: Find The Perfect Producer Gifts

Gift Inspiration For Music Producers: Find The Perfect Producer Gifts

If you're searching the internet for gift ideas for music producers look no further. Our annual gift guide gives you the best inspiration to help you find the perfect gift for a music producer. This guide includes presents suitable for stocking fillers or larger presents. We hope you enjoy this years gift guide for music producers and discover that perfect producer-theme gift. If you have any suggestions for this list please contact us.

Music Production Masterclass

One of the best best gifts for producers is the gift of knowledge. There is always something new to learn and having an expert guide you through the process introducing you to all the latest music production technology will help. Our music production lessons and courses are available as a gift voucher. You can book lessons in our Birmingham, Manchester or London studios and there is also the option to take production lessons online over Zoom.

Lessons are tailored to suit each individual student and their particular style of music. We can adapt the tuition to fit their ability level, from total beginner to seasoned pro. Gift voucher lessons are the most flexible gift. They can simply book their lessons any day of the week and choose their tutor.

In addition, they will gain access to an incredible community of like-minded creatives, helping them further their music production skills and producer careers.

Click here to buy a music production gift voucher for tuition in Birmingham or Manchester
Click here to buy a music production gift voucher for tuition online or in London

Music production lessons are fun and creative!

If you have any questions about music production lessons or courses as a special gift or hiring our music production studios please contact us.

Sample Subscription

One of the best tools for music producers is a subscription or a royalty-free sample library like Splice or Loopmasters. These websites allow music producers to browse thousands of sounds and samples they can use to build their tracks. The samples are royalty free meaning they don't need to worry about copyright issues and can use the samples in their releases. Consider getting your music producer loved one a subscription on one of these sites.

Music Studio Decor

Every music producer needs a creative environment condusive to producing outstanding work. Be it a huge recording studio or the corner of their bedroom, the space needs to create the right vibe. One of the best gifts for a music producer is to help them decorate their space, making it homely, comfortable and inspirational. Luckily, Etsy has many incredible small independent shops who offer a huge range of studio decor from neon or LED signs to customisable headphone stands. Shop on Etsy for some truly unique gifts for your music producer loved one and support small business in the process.

A sign makes a great gift to help a producer decorate their studio

The Gift of Decent Cable Management

If you've ever seen the back of a music production studio desk you will understand the important or cable management. Music producers are have to juggle many different bits of equipment and even more cables to connect it all together. This can leave an unsightly mess in the studio. Helping them manage and organise their cables is a great gift idea for music producers. You can pick up some stylish cable trays, clips, ties and management systems from many shops including Ikea. Cable tidy accessories are so useful and super affordable presents!

Gift the gift of tidy cables!

Studio Cleaning Accessories

Help your producer friends keep their equipment dust free and their studio clean. No one likes to work in a messy music studio so use this opportunity to gift them some cleaning accessories that will help them keep their studio in sparkling condition. We love all the cleaning brushes, dust guards and tools available on Thomann.

Help them keep their recording studio clean!

Music Production Magazine Subscription

It's important to keep up to date with advanced in production technology and industry news. All professional and hobbyist producers love to read about the latest innovations and gear they can use to produce their music. A subscription to a trade journal or music production magazine makes for a gift that keeps on giving, usually monthly! We especially love FutureMusic magazine.

USB Turntable For Sampling

Many music producers already have all the gear so buying gifts for them can be tricky. You don't want to get something they already have or something that just isn't high quality enough. For this reason, we suggest avoiding getting them headphones, keyboards and monitors because you might get the wrong thing. However, one the best gifts for them is a USB turntable they can use to sample from old records. This is a more unusual studio addition and makes for a left-field DJ gift idea which is truly inspired. Not only will they be able to sample from old records but you'll encourage them to go record shopping which is a musical experience in itself. We highly recommend a decent USB turntable as a gift and the best affordable one for sampling is the Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB. Available in all decent DJ equipment shops.

Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB

Thanks for reading our guide for the best trending gift ideas for music producers this festive season. We hope you found the gift inspiration you were looking for and have discovered a gift perfect for the music producer in your life. As always, if you want to talk to us about anything music production related or want to get a music producer gift voucher click here to contact us.



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