How to DJ Bhangra & Indian Music

How to DJ Bhangra & Indian Music

At DJ Gym, we offer DJ courses that can be adapted to suit your style of music. Our tutors can teach any genre of music including traditional world music and modern dance music. India, and neighbouring Pakistan, have produced many styles of music that are both popular in India and the UK. Bhangra and Bollywood are the most notable styles. Many DJs want to learn how to mix these genres and come to use for DJ lessons.

The great thing about our DJ courses is that they are taught one-to-one, this means that you won't be in a group and you can focus on your style of music. We can adapt the lessons to suit Bhangra, Bollywood, Indian folk music or Indian dance music of any genre. You can also choose your tutor and your lesson times making learning with us very flexible.

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Many of our students have gone on to become established DJs in these scenes and DJ internationally playing Bhangra, Bollywood and other styles of Indian music mixed together with more westernised styles. Most notably, our graduate Nimesh (DJ Dalal) who has established half a million followers on his YouTube channel and now DJs both in the UK and India. Not only did Nimesh learn how to DJ Indian music with us but also how to remix Indian music, hence his popularity on YouTube!

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Bhangra & Bollywood DJ Course

Click here to view our DJ courses and make a booking in Manchester or Birmingham or click here to make a booking in London on for online lessons. You will find we have three levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Remember, all the lessons are one-to-one so we can focus on your style of music. If you complete all the courses you will gain your LSA Pro DJ Certification and be invited to join our community group. In addition, we will help organise your first DJ gigs so you can get real-world DJ experience.

Online DJ Lessons for Bhangra, Bollywood and Indian Music.

If you can't come to our studios in London, Birmingham or Manchester you can still take our courses online over Zoom. You just need to have some Pioneer DJ Equipment at home, Zoom installed and an internet connection! This means you can take our Bhangra and Bollywood DJ lessons from anywhere in the world and still gain the same qualification. We recommend the Pioneer DDJ 400 controller for this course or any of the other Pioneer controllers. For advice on how to set up online DJ lessons please click here to contact us.

How to DJ for Indian Weddings

Many DJs playing Indian music will often DJ at Indian weddings. Weddings are very lucrative DJ gigs for DJs who play Indian music, both traditional and modern. Indian people love to celebrate the joy of a wedding and often spend a lot of money on the wedding DJ. If you want to become an Indian wedding DJ you need to first take our DJ course and learn how to mix Indian music including Bhangra, Bollywood and traditional styles. Often as an Indian wedding DJ you will also need to be able to mix westernised or western style music as well. We can teach you how to do this professionally. We can also help teach you what speaker setup and DJ equipment you need to play at Indian weddings.

Indian Weddings are often Lavish Affairs! They spend big on the DJs

How to Enrol on our Bhangra, Bollywood and Indian Music DJ Course

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Further reading...

What styles of music come from India?

There are many styles of music that can trace their roots back to the Indian sub-continent. Classical and folk forms of Indian music use raga melodic forms, tal (rhythmic forms) and drones (sustained notes). Ragas are patterns of notes but they are different to the scales used in Western cultures. Common instruments include: Bansuri, Sitar, Sarangi, Sarod, Esraj, tanpura, harmonium and the tabla drums.

Modern Indian music blends the traditional classical and folk styles with the influence of electronic dance music.

What is Bhangra music?

Bhangra was originally a type of folk dance music from Punjab in India. Workers in the fields would sing songs to the rhythm of the dhol drum. These songs were used to celebrate annual events, such as the harvest, and many of the song movements refer to field workers collecting the crops. - BBC

Modern Bhangra music is a mix of this traditional music style with modern electronic dance music production techniques. It creates a highly energetic form of dance music popular all over the world. It's exciting rhythmic structure is appealing to listen and makes an excellent style of dance music.

What is Bollywood music?

Bollywood songs, more formally known as Hindi Geet or filmi songs, are songs featured in Bollywood films.

While the term 'Bollywood music' can be applied to all music that is used in Bollywood films (Indian Cinema) its predominant style is that of romantic love songs played with a mix of modern and traditional instruments, often with highly dramatic overtones.



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