How To Get Better Paid DJ Gigs

How To Get Better Paid DJ Gigs

Many new DJs need help understanding how to get paid for their gigs and how to negotiate a fee. Every DJ needs to learn some basic business and negotiation skills to help them get the most out of every gig and further their DJ career. Use this blog to help you get more money from your DJ gigs.

DJs are self-employed artists and need to seek their own work and negotiate a fee for each performance. If you're a bit shy when it comes to discussing money you should read this guide to help you understand what language to use and points to consider.

Be Confident Talking About Money

Learn how to talk about money and fees openly and confidently. If you shy away from discussing money until after the gig has taken place you will often be very disappointed when they either don't pay or pay you peanuts. Organise your fee and terms before investing time in the gig or project. Confirm everything in writing so there is a clear legal agreement before stepping foot in the venue. When dealing with promoters and venue owners, display confidence and transparency talking about money. Before you meet with them know your minimum fee and never go below it. Learn how to say no as it will show them that you mean business and know your worth as an artist. They will often change their mind and end up chasing you. Remember, it's always better to play fewer gigs for more money. Not only does it save you time and effort but you will create a sense of rarity, and rarity breeds value. Do you want to be copper of gold?

1. Build a Brand & Product

Promoters will pay more for DJs and performers who have an established brand and following. Not only do you want to create a brand identity but you also need to have a product worth selling. For many DJs this means taking the leap into music production and remixing so that they can perform original music. If you're one of a kind you're naturally more expensive! Make sure your product is original and stands out in the market place. Often the best strategy is to create a new sound, something that will become your signature. Create a new movement but be sure to adapt with the times and reinvent yourself before you become irrelevant.

2. Promote Yourself

Just because they are called 'promoters' doesn't mean they will promote you! Make sure that you promote your brand to your audience to build value in yourself as a booking. If the product is right advertising will pay off. The more the promoters see your brand circulating the more they will want to book you. Be visible but don't water-down your brand with too much content. Find a gold mine and then dig it for all its worth. One message is better than a many.

3. Upsell & Leverage

One of the biggest tools in negotiation is leverage. You want more money from each gig so you need to have several levers you can pull to elevate the outcome. Your main product is your performance but ultimately there are many more ways you can be useful and bring added value to their business. For example; if you have a large mailing list or following online why not try and package your promotional posts into the contract. The promoter might pay you a certain fee to DJ and then extra for each mail out or post your make about the event. You may also be able to upsell with other add-ons like shout outs on a radio show, creating a mixtape or other content for their brand or perhaps by association with an even bigger name. Find ways to add-on value, upsell your booking and leverage your extras.

We hope you found this blog useful! Remember your worth and always find creative ways to elevate yourself to that headline slot! If you would like more mentorship and help join our 1-2-1 DJ courses or production courses at any of our sites or online. Thanks for reading!



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