How to get DJ gigs

How to get DJ gigs

Once you’ve learnt how to DJ you’ll want to experience performing in front of a live audience. Djing in your bedroom can get boring when there is no crowd to give your feedback and dance to your mixes. Every DJ wants to mix their set and watch their fans dance to the music. 

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The dilemma is how do you get DJ gigs?

Here are some of the ways DJs get DJ gigs

  • Contact promoters through their Facebook event pages
  • Contact promoters via their Instagram or social media
  • Contact promoters via friends and network with promoters
  • Support events and talk directly with the promoter
  • Find a local DJ agency looking for DJs. (Local agencies will book DJs for commercial gigs, wedding DJs and parties. )
  • Run your own events

These examples are known as Active ways to find DJ gigs 

For new DJs, they will need to look for DJ gigs far and wide. They will need to actively reach out to promoters for their first break. Once they are more established the gigs might come to them but to begin with, DJs need to work hard to find their own gigs. 

The main route would be to network with promoters. Promoters are the people who run and promote events. They normally hire a venue, book the DJs and charge on the door. There is actually no point contacting venues unless you intend to hire the venue and run your own night. 

Try and find ways you can contact promoters and the more direct the better

The best ways at the moment are by finding their contact information on the Facebook event page, RA event page or any other event listing. You might also try contacting them on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok etc. However, it's always best if you can talk to them in-person IRL! Make sure you visit their event, show support and make a direct connection.

If you are interested in playing commercial music, at weddings or parties and you don't mind taking requests you may wish to find a local DJ agency. A local DJ agency won't book DJs for big clubs or festivals but rather local events like weddings or corporate Christmas parties. It's good money but the sets will be long and you'll be expected to play commercial music.

If you're still struggling to get DJ gigs we recommend looking into running your own event. Click here for some free advice on how to start your first club night.

Passive ways to find DJ gigs

DJs that have built up a name for themselves will be in demand. When you’re already in demand you can sit back and wait for the phone to call. However, they still need to keep their profiles active and keep themselves in the public eye. Of course, this list is also applicable to new DJs who are trying to build a profile. 

  • Post video mixes or live streams on Youtube and social media. 
  • Post regular press photos of themselves, videos and pictures from live gigs
  • Release music on reputable record labels and create remixes
  • Try and get media coverage like magazine interviews
  • Go on radio shows and take part in pod casts and interviews
  • Try and elevate their fame by leveraging any media coverage they can get

If you want to DJ as a career it's important you tick all the boxes and leave no stone unturned. Watch how your favourite DJs do it and start by copying their level of action. Then think of ways you can go beyond.

Pro DJ Agents 

Some big-name DJs will have managers or DJ agencies helping them find gigs. Successful DJs will attract these people when they are already getting a large volume of high-paying DJ gigs. The managers or agents will then handle the administration side of the bookings in return for a percentage or a salary. 

It’s actually a common misconception that you can hire a DJ agent to help you become a big DJ act. It’s the other way around, DJ agents will come to you once you are already a successful DJ. 

Interested in more ways to find DJ gigs? Check out this blog from our founder Buster Bennett

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