How to get paid DJ gigs

How do you get paid DJ work?

DJing is an ultra competitive job. That’s because It’s arguable one of the fulfilling jobs on earth! Getting paid to travel the world playing the music you love to ecstatic crowds certainly beats the 9-5. Its no wonder there are plenty of people who want to give up the rat race and make their dreams come true as a DJ. To make it as a full time DJ you need to find paid DJ work.

Bedroom to main-room?

If you sit in your bedroom waiting for the phone to ring with those headline bookings you're very much mistaken. Just because you've taken the time to learn how to DJ it doesn't mean opportunities will just land on your lap. You have to go out there and chase them. If you want to be your own boss it’s time to get bossy, with yourself. The first rule of success is that there are no shortcuts. The second rule is that most people give up. If you put in the hours and don't get defeated by your inner saboteur you can go further than you ever dreamed.

To help you focus on the goal of becoming a paid DJ follow these critical steps and put in the hours!

Step One - Learn to DJ correctly

If you've come to DJ Gym you've already completed this first step! If you've not enrolled yet make sure your first goal is to become a professional and practice your trade.

Step Two - Become a specialist

Become a specialist in your field and focus on a particular genre or style. Aim for the top and then go some more!

Step Three - Learn how to produce and remix

Many of the big famous DJs you see jetting around the world and living the dream are also producers with hit records and remixes. If you want to hit the big time you're going to have to learn how to produce your own music and release hit records. Learning how to produce great music takes many years so the earlier you start the better.

Step Four - Create your brand

Create a strong brand and stand out from the crowd. Look at other hit artists and see how they present themselves including logos, photos, biographies, release artwork and social media profiles. Make sure you have a USP (unique selling point.)

Step Five - Create engaging content

Now you have all the skills and the brand you need to focus on the product. Make content which engages people online to build your fan base.

Step Six - Network

Become a figure in your industry. The more connections you make with other artists, promoters and music industry professionals the better. Visit seminars, conferences, talks, product launches, industry meetings and anywhere you can meet like-minded people.

Step Seven - Create your own black book

Create a list of all the people you know in the industry alongside a description of what they do. Build up your own black book of contacts and keep in regular communication with them. Become a voice of authority in your scene and a trafficker of information. If you're the central hub of information you will become invaluable in the industry.

Step Eight - Create a business plan

Even the most creative of people need to have a plan. Make goals and stick to them. Make a daily to-do list and make sure you tick it all off. Keep the main goals in sight and tick them off as you meet them. Don't delete the things from your list, make sure you see all your achievements.

Step Nine - Get press

If you look at any major artist in the music industry they all have great press coverage. Use your USP to get noticed and focus on getting column inches, online blogs are a great way to start.Create a story around yourself and invent attention grabbing headlines to engage the press. If there is a particular initiative gaining coverage already in the media make sure you become the captain of it.

Step Ten - Pitch

Learn the art form of pitching for a DJ gig. The more gigs you have, the more you get but you need to break the ice. Why should a promoter book you, what do you bring to the table? Think of things you can leverage and develop them further, perhaps you have a large mailing list, a press following or a unique live show. What is your sales pitch?

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