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Learn How To Use Serato With Our Dedicated Serato DJ Course

We offer Serato DJ lessons and DJ courses from our network of studios in the UK. Our expert Serato DJs are highly skilled DJs and can teach you how to mix any genre of music using Rane's flagship Serato DJ Software. WIth our Serato course you can choose your own lesson times too, with lesson available seven days a week from all of our studios!

Why Learn To DJ With Serato

Serato is one of the big three leading DJ software programs that professional DJs use. Those three programs are Rekordbox, Traktor and Serato DJ Pro. All these programs are amazing tools for any DJ big or small.

Serato is particularly popular for DJs who play as mobile DJs taking their own equipment to a gig and those who play open format sets that cross between genres. Serato DJ Pro is also used by the scratch DJ community and regularly is the software of choice for DJ battles!

Learn more about open-format DJing by clicking here.

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Rekordbox is most popular for DJs clubs DJs who don't want to take their laptop or any equipment to a gig. This is common for most touring DJs who want to export their music to a USB instead of having to take a laptop to the gig. This is very popular in the EDM, House and Techno scenes.

Traktor is also very popular and have some amazing technology for DJs who want to experiment with layer mixing and triggering samples in specialist sample triggering controllers.

While you can use any DJ software for any style of music for some reason many hip-hop DJs have gravitated toward using Serato. This is mainly because the company Rane who produce Serato have heavily marketed it towards that demographic of music fans. It's a very common site to see a hip-hop DJ play with their laptop in a club, often with their logo stuck to the back of their laptop.

So, you want to learn how to use Serato?

If you want to learn how to use Serato first start by deciding which version you want to use. Many beginner DJs will start with a Serato-enabled DJ controller. The most popular of which is the Pioneer DDJ SB3 which is popular with beginners and children. If you're looking for something more substantial and something that will still offer you enough features to complete all three levels of our Serato DJ Course then we suggest buying the Pioneer DDJ SR2 or the Pioneer DDJ1000 SRT.

Apart from Serato DJ Controllers you can also use Serato HID and Serato Scratch although these options are more suited to advanced DJs as they can be more complex to set up. We recommend starting with a Serato DJ controller.

Pioneer DDJ SB3 Suitable for Beginners and Children
Pioneer DDJ SR2 - Suitable For Beginners - Advanced DJs (mid-budget)
DDJ1000 SRT - Suitable for more advanced DJs (bigger budget)

The Serato DJ Course Curriculum

So now you have your decks and Serato DJ installed on your computer you'll want to join our Serato DJ Course so you can learn how to DJ and get the most from Serato. There are three levels to the course. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each level has four two-hour lessons and is £269. The lessons are taught one-to-one so you won't be in a group and you can learn with your own style of music on Serato as your chosen DJ software.

Beginner Serato DJ Course

In this level of the course you will learn how to prepare your crates (playlists) in Serato DJ correctly. You will learn how to beat-grid your music, how to use the harmonic mixing tools and how to back up your collection. On the decks we will show you all the fundamental theory and skills you need in order to hit the ground running and complete great mixes as a DJ. Skills will include how to beatmatch by ear, how to EQ and blend your mixes, how to understand and use musical phrasing and much more.

Intermediate Serato DJ Course

Now you've got to grips with the basics on Serato you'll want to be more creative. In this part of the course we will teach you how to use all the advanced features on the software and your decks. Skills include looping, FX, hot-cueing, acapella mixing, mash-up mixing, basic scratching and combo FX. After this course you will be confident and know every button and feature of your software and controller.

Advanced Serato DJ Course

Now it's time to polish off your skills, delve into more advanced beat-matching skills and prepare for your first gig. As a graduate of our advanced course you will gain your LSA certification and be invited to join our UK-wide private alumni community. With over 1000 members you'll make many connections within the music industry. In addition to this we organise events so that each and every graduate can perform with us in many clubs and bars. We work with some of the biggest names in the UK nightlife industry including Ministry of Sound!

How To Enrol On Our Serato DJ Course

Our normal courses are taught using Rekordbox software so if you want to learn instead with Serato please contact us for the availability of our specialist Serato DJ tutors. We have Serato DJ tutors at all of our studios including BirminghamOxford, Manchester and over at London Sound Academy too. We can also offer online Serato DJ Lessons if you contact us.

Click here to contact us and book your Serato DJ Course today!



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