Serato DJ Course Manchester

Serato DJ Course Manchester

Want to learn how to use Serato DJ? We offer DJ lessons and DJ courses with Serato DJ in our Manchester DJ academy. We offer Serato DJ lessons for total beginners and professional DJs. If you want to learn how to DJ with Serato or polish your Serato DJ skills we have the perfect serato course for you!

Serato DJ is one of of the best programs to learn how to DJ with. It's especially popular with open format DJs. Open format DJs are the sort of DJs that mix between multiple music genres during their set. For example, an open format DJ might mix seamlessly between Hip-Hop, RnB, Pop, Commercial, Afrobeat, Reggaeton and more! If you want to learn how to be an open format DJ, Serato is certainly a popular option.

Beginner Serato DJ Course

If you're new to DJing and want to learn how to mix with Serato DJ join our Beginner DJ Course. You can either learn with the equipment in our studio in Manchester or bring your own controller. Many new DJs will buy a small DJ controller like the Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV1 Battle and Scratch DJ Controller. This controller is amazing for the price at only £259. It has two channels and wheels that are suitable for scratching. We highly recommend this controller for new DJs who want to learn with Serato while on a budget.

Click here to book our Beginner DJ Course in Manchester with Serato DJ

Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV1 Battle and Scratch DJ Controller

The Beginner Serato DJ course will teach you all the fundamental theories and skills you need to start DJing like a pro. You will be learning how to mix in the open-format style with the help of our expert Serato tutors during one-to-one lessons. This means no group classes, which is perfect because it allows you to mix any style of music you like.

You can also choose your own lesson times. Serato DJ Lessons in our Manchester DJ studio are available seven days a week between 10am and 10pm. Once you book the beginner DJ course (here) follow the instructions in your email to choose your lesson times. There are four two-hour lessons in the course. Most of our students will do one lesson a week for four weeks, but the schedule is really up to you.

Serato DJ Skills Covered in the Beginner DJ Course

  1. How to download and prepare your playlists in Serato
  2. How to beatgrid your tracks in Serato
  3. Understanding the basic functions of Serato DJ and your serato controller
  4. How to load your tracks and beatmatch
  5. How to blend using the crossfader and EQs
  6. How to mix radio edits and club edits
  7. Musical Phrasing with Serato
  8. How to record your mixes with Serato

Intermediate & Advanced DJ Lessons on Serato at DJ Gym Manchester

If you're already a Serato DJ and want to improve your DJ skills you can take custom DJ lessons with Serato at our Manchester studio. Our expert Serato tutors are highly skilled turntablists and the most highly skilled DJ tutors in Manchester. Book the Intermediate or Advanced DJ courses (here) or you can contact us to choose to organise custom-made DJ lessons to suit your ability level. Below are some of the more advanced skills we can teach you on Serato.

Click here to see our full range of DJ courses available with Serato DJ or Rekordbox.

Our advanced Serato DJ setup

How to use Serato's effects
How to to use Serato hot cues for samples and drumming
How to scratch and beat-juggle
How to create mash-ups with acapella
How to mix with multiple decks
How to use vinyl and loop modes
How to battle


If you want to book a Serato DJ course in our Manchester studios click below. Our one-to-one Serato DJ lessons and DJ courses will have you spinning and scratching with Serato DJ in a short space of time!

If you complete our Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced DJ courses with Serato you can also access our private community group. In the group you will find many DJ opportunities for different styles of music throughout the UK including in London and once a year in Ibiza! Make sure you complete all the courses to get your graduate benefits!

Want to book a DJ in Manchester with Serato or Rekordbox? Click here.


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