Take a Trial DJ Lesson in Manchester at the City's Best DJ School

Learn How To Mix: Book a Trial DJ Lesson at our Manchester DJ School

Do you have a passion for electronic music and want to learn how to DJ? Our DJ courses are the highest-rated in Manchester and you can book a two-hour trial DJ lesson. Taster DJ lessons are available seven days a week at our Manchester DJ school.

We have incredible tutors, beautiful studios, the latest DJ tech and a passion for teaching. We are the number one DJ school in Manchester because we offer exclusive benefits for all our students including discounts on DJ equipment and DJ gigs in the UK and Ibiza!

Beginners are welcome! Either book the Beginner DJ Course or a taster session. Our trial lessons are the perfect way to discover the creative skill of DJing!

It's easy to book, just click this button!

Why Learn to DJ with us?

Our DJ taster sessions are the perfect way to discover a new passion for DJing in Manchester. Lessons are taught one-to-one so you won't be in a group and you can learn at your own speed. You can also learn with any style of music, we teach them all!

You can choose your lesson times and be in control of your schedule. DJ taster lessons are available seven days a week at times throughout the day and evening, we are also open on weekends.

All ages and experience levels can apply, beginners are welcome.

Your DJ taster lesson is designed to show you the basics of DJing, how to prepare your music and make flawless DJ transitions. Everything you need to hit the ground running. The lessons are fun, hands-on and engaging. When you've finished you'll want to book more!

The DJ taster session is the first lesson of the Beginner DJ Course, so once you've finished the lesson you can simply top-up and get the rest of the course.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of our DJ taster lessons in Manchester.

Choose Your Lesson Schedule: Lessons are available seven days a week.
Any Age or Ability Level: You don't need any experience or equipment to start this course and all ages six upward are welcome.
Affordable: Our DJ taster lessons are only £80 for a two-hour experience in the studio with a dedicated DJ tutor.
Any Style of Music: We teach all styles of music and challenge you to surprise us!
Hands-On Lesson: The lessons are practical, fun and engaging.
State-of-the-Art Facilities: We are a Pioneer DJ Education partner and have beautiful studios with cutting-edge DJ technology.
Expert DJ Tutors: Our passionate DJ tutors actively work as DJs and tutor. They are ready to share their creativity with you.

What to Expect from Your DJ Taster Session

During your trial lesson you will be introduced to all the fundamental DJ skills using industry-standard Pioneer DJ equipment.

  1. DJ software: Learn how to use the best DJ software for your style of music
  2. DJ Equipment: We'll introduce you to a professional DJ setup including CDJs, Mixers and more!
  3. Beatmatching: Learn how to beatmatch by ear for flawless DJ transitions
  4. Mixing: Learn how to blend your tracks using the DJ mixer
  5. Phrasing & Timing: Learn how to perfectly time your mixes with a fundamental understanding of phrasing

Ready to Take the Plunge?

Book your DJ taster session with DJ Gym Manchester today using the booking link above. Choose your lesson time and we will send a booking confirmation email with all the details. You'll even get reminders so you don't miss your big day!

You're going to love the thrill of learning how to DJ with your dedicated DJ tutor in our incredible DJ studio. The Manchester studio is open seven days a week so booking your taster DJ lesson couldn't be easier.

If you get hooked on DJing you'll want to progress and complete the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced DJ Course. Once you've done all three you will graduate with LSA certification and have access to a thriving international community of DJs. In addition, graduates receive DJ gigs in the UK and Ibiza. It's the best way to launch your DJ career to embark on an exhilarating DJing journey!



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