Top Five DJ Myths Busted!

Top Five DJ Myths Busted!

There is much fake news and bad advice circulating in the music industry about DJing. We want to dispel some of the worst myths associated with DJs and DJing. Here in this blog, we list some of the worst DJ myths and give you the truth about these aspects of the DJ industry. We hope you find our top five DJ myths blog enlightening and informative. We'd love to hear from you so please feel free to contact us with any suggestions about myths we've not yet covered or exposed!

DJ Myth Number 1 - DJing is Easy

DJs might make it look easy but DJing and becoming a DJ is certainly not a walk in the park. First of all, you have to learn how to DJ properly and that includes both musical and technical computer skills. In order to DJ nowadays you have to understand how to use complex DJ software, sound systems and DJ equipment. That's just for starters! The next step is learning how to market yourself, all about branding and social media as well as business skills to help your DJ career grow. DJs have to learn all of these skills and be consistent to get results. Here are just some of the skills DJs need to master.

Music history, researching and being able to curate playlists
How to prepare music using modern DJ software
Understanding music theory including harmonic mixing
How to beatmatch using technology and without
How to mix and blend music with modern DJ mixers
How to use a myriad of new DJ effects and filters
How to utilise loops, cues, samples and more
How to understand every setting on a modern DJ setup
How to use a modern sound-system
How to get DJ gigs
How to network
How to read a crowd
How to brand yourself
How to utilise social media to grow a fan base

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! There are many more things that a DJ needs to learn in order to launch a successful DJ career. Luckily for our DJ course students they can learn all of these things and more with our expert tuition.

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DJ Myth Number 2 - DJing is just playing other peoples music

DJing and mixing goes far beyond just selecting tracks and fading them in and out. DJs needs to understand the structure of the music and which tracks will fit together seamlessly. DJs are curators or a musical art gallery and they have to search millions of tracks for the perfect combinations.

When DJs mix, they will actually layer the music to create their transitions in complex ways, engaging the audience and creating memorable moments. Many DJs will also include their own mash-ups, remixes and live acapella mixes. You might also see DJs including hybrid DJ setups like multiple decks, FX units, samplers and more. Turntablism is also an advanced form of DJing where a DJ will use the decks like an instrument.

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DJs are like curators of a musical art exhibition

DJ Myth Number 3 - DJs just party all the time

While the job of a DJ is certainly one of the most enjoyable professions in the world, it's still hard work. If you want to make it as a DJ you'll quickly learn that partying all night long means you'll fall behind the competition. DJing naturally attracts self-made entrepreneurs with a go-getter, dream big and make it happen kind of attitude and many DJs spend every available hour working on their DJ career.

Other than actual performances, DJs will need to spend time preparing, practicing, making music and mash-ups, learning new skills and technology, networking, marketing, creating content and more. If you want to become a DJ you need to work on it full time. If you want to learn about the DJ business and launch a successful DJ career contact London Sound Academy for guidance.

DJ Myth Number 3 - DJing is easy money

One of the biggest misconceptions about DJing is that it's an easy way to make money. In fact, when most DJs start out they play for free, just to gain experience. While this is common it does mean there is always a DJ out there who will undercut you and play for free or next to nothing. New DJs will find it hard to break out of the cycle of free gigs until they create a brand that stands out and creates demand.

DJing is not a quick way to start earning money and many DJs will still have a side income or main job while they work on their DJ career development. It's common practice for DJs to take commercial gigs like weddings and birthday parties to help increase their income. Another strategy to help DJs pay the bills is to have a job related to their DJing that will bring in income, like being a party promoter. DJing is similar to other creative professions where there is intense competition so you have to be dedicated to reach the top where the money is raining thick.

DJ Myth Number 5 - DJs will be replaced by AI

When beat-sync technology first come out the headlines spoke of the end of DJing, but they were wrong. Technology has only made the DJs job more important. DJ technology is expanding at break-neck speed and becoming more and more complex.

The bar has been raised and DJs needs to steer the ship. AI is now a powerful tool forward-thinking DJs can harness to expedite their DJ career progression. AI won't kill off the DJ but rather increase the pace of technological change within the industry and explore the creative possibilities that DJs can explore.



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