AI Cheats For DJs: How DJs can use AI Technology

AI Cheats For DJs: How DJs can use AI Technology

AI technology (Artificial Intelligence) is only in it's infancy but is already causing monumental shifts in the way that DJs and music producers work. Harnessing the power of AI means that early adopters can benefit the most. In this blog, we reveal the latest AI chat bot for DJs and how you can use it to advance your DJ career, solve tech issues and create playlists. Make sure you learn how to use new AI tools like chat bots to advance your DJ career. Follow our blog for AI news for DJs and music producers.

AI chat bots are essentially language models that scour the internet for information. You simply type in a question and the AI chat bot spits out the answer. Of course, it's not always correct so make sure you reference multiple sources! DJs can use AI chat bots to advance their DJ career, plugs gaps in their knowledge and bounce ideas off.

We encourage all our DJ course students to explore this exciting new AI world and find AI tools and chat bots for that help with with their DJ career or hobby. We'd love to also hear how you are using AI as a DJ. Feel free to contact us about our DJ courses or let us know how you use AI to help you DJ or develop your DJ practice or career.

While AI technology is an incredible learning tool, there is still nothing quite like the human touch. This is why we teach DJ skills and music production on a purly one-to-one basis. We have studios in LondonManchester and Birmingham and also offer online tuition over zoom from anywhere in the world.

Make sure you also read our previous blog about AI technology and how DJs and music producers can use AI to further their creative practive. It's a must read for all DJs and music producers who want to utilise the cutting-edge of DJ technology.

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Think of AI as your own personal assistant to help you with your DJ hobby or career

Drum Roll Please... The latest AI Chat Bot For DJs is Here!

Welcome to the stage a new AI chat bot specifically for DJs! is similar to chat GPT but has can answer questions about all aspects of DJing. There are so many ways DJs can use this chat bot. Some of our favourite ways have been to problem solve. You know what it's like, there's a tricky tech problem with your software and it takes ages to get through to someone at companies like Pioneer, Serato or Traktor to fix it. The next time you come across a tech hurdle try giving a go!

Here are some other uses of to help with your DJ career or hobby:

Troubleshooting DJ Software: If you're having issues with your DJ software like Serato, Virtual DJ, Rekordbox, Traktor etc you can easily just ask how to fix the issue.
Troubleshooting DJ Hardware: DJ.Chat can provide step-by-step solutions. Just type in your problem, and you'll get a quick, concise answer for any of your hardware related issues.
Learning New DJ Skills: DJ.Chat is a great resource for learning new DJ techniques or understanding complex features of your DJ software. Keep it specific and find a quick answer. If you don't get the answer contact us.
Music Playlists: Use to recommend music for your playlists. Ask a question like ''What are the top 100 disco tracks of all time'
24/7 Support: DJ.Chat is available 24/7. Whether you're preparing for a gig in the early morning or troubleshooting an issue in the middle of the night, DJ.Chat is there to help. Failing this, call the experts!

We hope you enjoyed our reveal of the best new AI cheat for DJs! truly is a useful tool that all DJs new and old can use to further their creative practice. It will allow you to spend less time on the technical sides of DJing and more time behind the decks!

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