How DJs Can Use Chat GPT

How DJs Can Use Chat GPT

Chat GPT is a new free open-source AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool that DJs can use to help them with day-to-day DJ related tasks. Chat GPT has been much hyped on social media platforms such as TikTok for its amazing capabilities and potential to disrupt many industries and threaten jobs. This tool allows you to complete tasks that would otherwise require a professional or a lot of spare time. DJs can learn how to harness the capability of Chat GPT to their advantage.

It's simple to use. Just start an account, login and ask it a question. The AI will then use its training and extensive langue models to give you an answer in real time. It is truly impressive and gives us a glimpse of the kind of AI tools that will become common place in the coming years.

Many people are scared that AI will take their jobs by automating some of the things they are paid to do. While this is true in some cases it opens up the potential for people to become more productive by releasing them from the more mundane and less creative tasks. Think of AI as your personal assistant. You can use AI like Chat GPT to help inspire you, direct you and help answer questions within a short space of time. It's an incredible tool every person, including DJs, should learn how to use.

Here are some ways DJs can utilise Chat GPT

There are many ways that DJs can use Chat GPT. We've compiled some ideas below but we'd love to hear from you about the ways in which you're using AI as a DJ or producer. Feel free to contact us and start a conversation.

Streamlined Information Gathering

Think of Chat GPT as the latest version of Google but better. You can ask the chat any question. It will give you an answer in real time without you having to scroll through lots of websites to find the answer. Remember, Chat GPT is a new technology and not always right but it should be able to answer most sensible questions accurately. For example, we tried asking it "Where you can buy records in London?" Within seconds it gave us a list of ten of the best record stores in London along with some information about each one. I know all the stores in London and many of the best were included in the list but there were some in my opinion that shouldn't be in the top ten. The only limitation here is that it uses a data base of information up to 2021 so it won't be able to give you answers that need information from 2022 onward. At least until there is an update.

Copy Writing

One of the biggest discussed benefits of Chat GPT online has been its ability to write copy (text). For example, you might ask the chat to write you a letter, a CV, a social media post, a press release, a summary, an essay etc. This list really does go on! What could you ask Chat GPT to help you write?

Just be careful when asking it to write blogs because Google already knows if your blog contains material written by AI and will de-rank your blog posts. Chat GPT is ultimately a competitor to Google and they see AI written content as fake or spam. If you want your blogs to rank in terms of SEO avoid cheating with AI and do it the old fashioned way. However, you can use Chat GPT to give you some ideas and re-phrase the answers in your own words.

Here are some ideas of what Chat GPT can do to help you as a DJ:

  1. Press Releases
  2. Blog Content
  3. Text for Social Media Posts
  4. DJ Biography
  5. Letters including legal demands for unpaid invoices
  6. Event Proposals
  7. Health & Safety Audits
  8. Marketing Emails
  9. Interview Questions
  10. Podcast ideas


Chat GPT can help you with planning. One great example it to ask it to help you write a business plan. The first answer it will give will be basic summary points but one of the best things is that you can always ask Chat GPT to elaborate on some details or specific parts of the plan. You can give it some information about your ideas and some guidance and then ask it to rephrase the answer to extend the answer as many times as you like. The more detailed your input the better the more relevant the output.

Use AI to help you plan your actions and manage your time

Advice & How To's

As Chat GPT is a question and answer machine you can ask it advice or how to do virtually anything. If you're not sure how to write a DJ biography, for example, just pose the question and marvel at how fast Chat GPT can help guide you. The sky really is the limit. Another great example might be to ask it how you can promote yourself as a DJ or find more DJ gigs.


You can use Chat GPT as a spellchecker, grammar checker and overall to help improve your writing. It's an excellent tool to help you jazz up your writing. Just copy and paste your text and ask it to help you improve it or to suggest other ways of writing or related subject matters.

How can Chat GPT help your DJ career?


Chat GPT is a great tool so when you're stuck into a creative rut. Ask Chat GPT to inspire you with a list of actionable ways to help you come up with new ideas related to a certain subject. Once you start a conversation with the AI you mind will start to kick-start its inquisitive side and you'll find ideas much easier to come up with. Having something to bounce ideas off in this way is very interesting. It's as if you're having a conversation with the internet itself.

Building Your Music Collection

Chat GPT can also help DJs to build their library of music. You can simply ask the AI questions like 'name me the most popular disco tracks of all time' or 'what were the best selling records of the 80s' Having this help will mean you can check you've got all the best tracks in your music collection and perhaps help you uncover some tracks you've missed!

Self Help

There are lots of ways that AI can help humans. Health and mental health are both paramount for DJs and producers. If you need help planning your diet, exercise routine or time ask the AI for help. A good start is to ask it for some healthy recipes or the best way to burn your calories in the day. Perhaps you can also ask it about mindfullness techniques or which exercises are best for your particular health concerns.

AI can be your personal coach, accountability buddy or self help guru!

Writing Code

Did you know? Chat GPT can actually answer you in any language and write code! Many programers are using Chat GPT as a tool to write code for basic computer programs or to fine tune existing code. If you're a programmer you should explore this option. It will be interesting to see how this concept develops overtime and if we can one day make fully formed apps simply by asking it any question.


Chat GPT is an excellent tool for everyone including DJs to utilise. AI in general will change the way we work and help automate some of the more mundane tasks. When used correctly, you can bounce ideas off an AI and it might help inspire you to do more, re-phrase your work or include more detail. Think of Chat GPT as a virtual assistant. I think this tool is especially great for those who are not good at writing or creating written content. If you struggle with writing this tool will be excellent help. It's also going to help you learn by setting an example of how certain text should be phrased.

I have been using Chat GPT for a while now and I have to say that if you're an expert in a subject already (as I am with DJing, production and music business) then it's not very useful and only give you rudimentary responses. It's a jack of all trades and master of none. It's amazing for the basics of subject matters but not yet comparable to a true human expert. This is why I think one--to-one learning and mentorship is essential in our increasingly digital age. If you would like one-to-one guidance on DJing and music production click here to contact me.

P.s. this blog was written by a human :)



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