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DJ Gym is now open in Manchester! Offering a range of 1-2-1 DJ and music production courses. If you're looking to learn how to DJ and get accredited by London Sound Academy and get DJ gigs on completion of the course, this is the opportunity for you! Contact us now to book or click on the course links below.

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Intermediate DJ Course Manchester

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Music Production Courses in Manchester

Learn to DJ with Cutting-Edge DJ Technology!

DJ Lessons

At DJ Gym you can book the way you want, at the times you want. We offer DJ lessons seven days a week at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm. Booking is easy and you can fit the lessons around your schedule. You can book single DJ lessons or book a DJ course. All the lessons are taught one-to-one so you'll never be in a group and you can learn at your own pace. We can teach any age, genre of music or ability level. Even if you're already a practicing DJ you can benefit from our more advanced courses. There is always something new to learn! We also teach on all the industry standard DJ equipment and can get discounts for our students who want to buy their own kit.

DJ Courses

Our DJ courses are accredited by London Sound Academy. The leading provider of DJ courses in the UK. Once you graduate from the DJ course you will receive your LSA Pro DJ Certification and join the ranks of the LSA alumni, our growing DJ & Producer community. Our DJ courses are modular, starting from the Beginner level and progress through the Intermediate, Advanced and finally the Elite DJ Course. You can read more about our award winning DJ courses here.

  • 1-2-1 Tuition
  • Choose Your Own Lesson Times
  • Open Seven Days A Week, Evening & Weekend Lessons Available
  • Certificate by London Sound Academy
  • Join the Community
  • Guaranteed DJ Gigs For Every Graduate Including Ministry of Sound! - We are the only DJ academy in Manchester to offer gigs for graduates.

Beginner DJ Course

Our most popular course is the Beginner DJ Course. It's suitable for novice DJs or complete beginners that have zero experience. It teaches you all the fundamental theory and skills you need in order to mix well on your own. We start with a walkthrough of the Pioneer DJ software, Rekordbox, and how to organise your playlists and prepare your sets. Once you've got a killer set list we can get to grips with the decks. A quick tour will show you all the fundamental buttons and settings, later on in the courses you will learn about every single one of the functions. Now you move onto the fundamental skills of beat-matching and then into the art form of mixing your tracks harmoniously. We finish the course with some creative FX and learning how to record your own mixes. Once you've finished the Beginner level you'll be ready to move onto the Intermediate course.

How to enrol on our DJ Courses

If you'd like to enrol on our DJ courses just contact us if you have any questions or click here to book our Beginner DJ Course online and choose your lesson times. You can book your DJ lessons any day of the week at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm or 8pm!

Benefits of learning to DJ with DJ Gym Manchester

  • Accredited by London Sound Academy
  • 1-2-1 DJ lessons
  • Learn when it suits you
  • Lessons available seven days a week
  • Learn on industry standard equipment
  • Fully trained tutors from LSA
  • Get DJ gigs on completion of the course
  • Join the LSA alumni
  • Get discounts on Pioneer DJ equipment

What happens when I graduate from the DJ course?

When you graduate from our DJ course you will become a certified LSA alumni. You will join a growing UK-wide community of over 1000 DJs and producers. We run our community on Facebook, in the form of an invite-only group which you will be invited to at the end of the course. In the group we organise many gigs for every single graduate ranging from small beginner-friendly gigs to huge festival bookings! We work with local clubs in Manchester but we also work with super-clubs like Ministry of Sound in London. Every year we run a DJ tour in Ibiza organising DJ gigs for all our graduates on the white Isle. No other DJ school does this. If you're looking to kick start your DJ career and become a real DJ this is how to do it in record time.

Discounts on DJ equipment

As a student of DJ gym you will have access to cheaper prices for DJ equipment. We sell all types of DJ technology and gear at lower prices, even lower than all the online shops. This is exclusive for DJ gym students and in some cases students save more money than even the cost of the entire DJ course!

What are you waiting for? Contact us to book your first DJ class!

DJ at Ministry of Sound & in Ibiza

DJ Course graduates will join our community and be able to DJ at any of our events in Manchester, London and in Ibiza. We work with some of the UK's top venues including Ministry of Sound and many DJ Gym Manchester graduates will play for the famous venue! We also organise local events and once a year we head to Ibiza for a week long DJ tour. Graduates are guaranteed DJ gigs with us and we're the only DJ school to offer that!

One of the awesome DJ booths on the DJ Gym Ibiza Tour!
Complete our DJ Course and graduate at Ministry of Sound!



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