DJ & Production Course UK

DJ & Production Course UK

If you're looking for a DJ & Production course in the UK look no further! We offer a range of DJ and music production courses accredited by the UK's leading electronic music academy LSA!

You can take our courses in our Manchester, Birmingham or Oxford studios or take the courses in the capital at London Sound Academy.

Our LSA accredited course offers the most in-depth curriculum of any private academy in the UK and has the highest ratings of any electronic music course in the UK.

DJ Courses In The UK

Our range of DJ courses offer the most in-depth curriculum in the UK. All courses are taught on the latest industry-standard Pioneer DJ equipment, controllers and software. During the courses you will learn how to use Pioneers Rekordbox software and DJ equipment including all the advanced features. In addition, you will also learn how to mix on vinyl or digital vinyl, how to use Pioneer's FX units and samplers and how to scratch. We can also adapt these courses for learning with Serato or Traktor.

Complete all levels of the course in order to become an accredited LSA Pro DJ, join our online community and get DJ gigs opportunities. Graduates are invited to DJ at Ministry of Sound and other top UK venues. Once a year you are also invited to DJ in Ibiza with LSA.

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Music Producer Course UK

If you want to learn how to produce in the UK sign up for our music production courses, accredited by LSA.

Nowadays, if you want to make it as a big DJ you need to learn how to produce original music and how to get your music to the big record labels. Our music production courses will help you learn how to produce on Ableton or Logic and help you make release-ready music that you can submit to record labels. Past students have signed to all the major record labels including Sony, Island Records, Virgin, Spinnin', Toolroom, Defected, Ministry of Sound and more!

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In addition to helping our graduates submit their music to their dream labels we also run our own in-house record label, LSA Records. Graduates of this course can submit their tracks to be released world-wide on our label.

Some of our students also want to learn how to start their own record label. We have a course for that too! If you're a budding music industry entrepreneur sign up for our How To Start A Record Label Course!

Learn How To Produce & Get Released!

Do I need a study visa?

You don't need a study visa to take our courses in the UK. Our courses are taught one-to-one, that means you won't be in a group. Your lessons will be just you and your tutor meaning you can learn with your own style of music. You can choose your own lesson times and learn during a short stay. Most of our international students take our crash course while in the UK for holidays. The shortest time you can complete the both the DJ and Production crash course in is six days but we recommend one week per crash course if you're travelling to the UK specifically for our courses.

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There are no entry requirements for our courses. For more information or help booking please contact us.



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