Learn to DJ in Manchester: Get in the Groove at Manchester's Best DJ School

Learn to DJ in Manchester: Get in the Groove at Manchester's Best DJ School

If you want to learn how to DJ join our DJ school in Manchester. We offer DJ lessons from beginner to advanced levels in Manchester. Lessons are available seven days a week and our students get access to the best graduation gigs. Not only will all our DJ course students get DJ certification they will be also be able to DJ with us. We work with famous venues including Ministry of Sound to help our DJ students launch their DJ careers. We even organise some DJ gigs in Ibiza every summer!

We welcome beginners to our DJ academy in Manchester. Our school is known for excellent five-star DJ tuition, friendly DJ tutors and the best DJ student benefits. Start with our popular Beginner DJ Course and learn the basics. Once you've completed the first level you can learn how to be a more creative DJ with our Intermediate DJ Course. Finally, once you're ready to go pro take our Advanced DJ Course to become a certified DJ.

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DJ in Ibiza with DJ Gym Manchester - Complete Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced DJ Courses

DJ course graduate Joel performing in Amnesia, Ibiza

Why Learn To DJ in Manchester?

Manchester is one of the UK's most musical cities and home to a thriving electronic music scene. Manchester DJs play a range of music styles from hip-hop to house and everything in-between. Learning how to DJ in Manchester is easier than ever because we offer DJ lessons seven days a week. Our flexible DJ courses offer students in Manchester the opportunity to choose their DJ lesson schedule. Helping them fit their DJ lessons around their work or study life.

DJ Gym Manchester Students Benefit From:

  • One-to-One DJ Classes
  • Flexible DJ Lesson Schedule
  • Award-Winning DJ Curriculum
  • DJ Certification Accredited by LSA and Pioneer DJ
  • Access to Incredible DJ Gigs in the UK and Ibiza
  • Five-Star Service & Friendly Tutors
  • All Styles of Music

Why Manchester Is Your DJ Playground

Manchester is one of the best locations in the world to launch a DJ career. Manchester has a long and rich musical history spanning many styles of music from rock music to electronic. Manchester is truly a place where musical legends are born. Think Hacienda's iconic beats, The Stone Roses' cool swagger, and Oasis rocking the globe. The city's got a rhythm that's contagious and bound to ignite your DJing spark.

You could be the next DJ born in Manchester! What are you waiting for? Join our Beginner DJ Course today and start your musical journey.

Start Your DJing Journey in the City That Breathes Music

Manchester isn't just a normal city, it lives and breaths music. It's one of the most iconic destinations for DJs around the world who want to tune into its infectious pulse. You can become a part of the cities musical fabric and contribute to our great city of Manchester. Learn how to DJ here isn't just about pushing buttons but about becoming part of the cities history and being passionate about Manchester's music heritage. We welcome you to become part of the cities incredible music scene. Djing in Manchester is your golden ticket to a musical adventure!

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