Music Production Courses in Birmingham

Music Production Courses in Birmingham

If you're looking for music production courses in Birmingham UK you're in the right place! We offer a range of music production courses on Ableton Live and Logic Pro. They are suitable for any experience level. You can view all our music production courses and book online by click here but we've also created this handy list to make navigating to the course you want to book even easier. If you have any questions just click here to contact us.

Music Production or Sound Engineering?

The two subjects of sound engineering and music production are often lumped into the same category. They both cover how to make music electronically but sound engineering often denotes a more in-depth course that teaching more fundamental theory for those who want to gain a job as a sound engineer. If you want to just produce great music you don't need to take a sound engineering course in college of university and spend a fortune on course fees, just book a music production course in Birmingham with DJ Gym and you can learn how to produce in less time while spending far less on fees. Another massive benefit to our music production courses in Birmingham is that we offer one-to-one tuition meaning you can learn at your own speed with your own style of music. you'll get an in-depth learning experience with our production courses.

Ableton Live Music Production Courses In Birmingham

Ableton Live is the most popular DAW to learn how to produce with. It's the industry leader and is well respected by the community of music producers. Our Ableton Live music production course is available seven days a week and is taught by our head tutor Marc Spence. Ableton works on mac and windows computers and is available to buy online here via their website but we recommend you click here and use their free trial.

Logic Pro Music Production Courses in Birmingham

We also teach music production from our Birmingham studio on Logic Pro. Logic is a program that works on Mac computers only so you need to be used to the OS operating system or be a mac user to adopt this program. If you're not a mac user we recommend you use the trial version of Ableton and use it on windows, it's free anyway! Logic is also affordable at only £150 from the App Store. The main difference between the two programs is that Ableton has additional live functions that mean you can use it to create a live performance on stage. Logic is just about music composition and track creation rather than live performance.

Beginner Music Production Course Birmingham Studio

Our Beginner Music Production course is taught one Ableton or Logic and is a one-to-one course so you can choose your own lesson times and learn at your own pace. It teaches you all the fundamental theory and skills in a fun hands-on way. You'll quickly build confidence with the program and start producing tracks.

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Intermediate Music Production Course Birmingham Studio

Now you've got the basics down it's time to work with the more advanced features of the program that will allow you to create your own sonic identity and add extra spice to your music! We'll show you all the create aspects of production including sampling, synthesis and effects. You'll now start to realise you're on your way to producing a track you can one day release.

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Advanced Music Production Course Birmingham Studio

It's time to get polished! We'll show you a professional work-flow so you can learn how to finish your tracks correctly and follow industry regulations. At the end of this course you can submit your track to us for possible release. Once you've finished you will also become a graduate and receive your production certificate. On-going support will be offered by our tutors.

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Music Production Course Graduate Benefits

There are tons of exclusive benefits for our music production course graduates in Birmingham. Once you graduate you will receive your certification. Our courses are certified by London Sound Academy, the leading supplier of DJ and production courses in the UK. You'll also be invited to join our nationwide community of alumni on Facebook where you can network with over 1000 DJs, promoters, producers and music industry professionals. Graduates are also invited to submit their work for release on our in-house record label LSA Records.

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