Online DJ Courses Coming Soon

Online DJ Courses Coming Soon From DJ Gym!

We're working on video-based online DJ courses! Stay-tuned to our blog or click here to sign up for our newsletter for more news on this exciting development!

Why are we making online DJ courses?

We are producing a range of online DJ courses because we have many people from all around the world asking us to help them, but the problem is they can't come to the UK for tuition. To help them we are creating an online DJ course program taught by DJ Gym Birmingham's head tutor Marc Spence.

Marc is one of the most experienced and charismatic tutors in the DJ Gym faculty. He's our secret weapon for our online courses. We wager that our course will be the most engaging, fun and inspirational online DJ course available!

What will our online DJ course teach?

Our online DJ course will replicate our full DJ course as taught one-to-one in our studios. There are four levels, BeginnerIntermediate, Advanced and Elite. Everything you need to go from zero to hero or from the bedroom to the main-room! The video series is also going to bundled into our one-to-one DJ courses so anyone buying a course through DJ Gym and taking tuition in our Birmingham, Manchester or Oxford studios will be able to recap their lessons at home with the help of the online version.

The course will be taught using the industry standard Pioneer CDJ2000Nexus2 set up with turntables. If you would like to see us create a Serato or Traktor version just contact us and let us know, if there are enough requests we'll make one!

In the video you will see a shot from above the decks so you can see the DJs action in detail. There will also be tutorials on how to use the Rekordbox software and other programs you might include in your set-up process.

Online or in-person, which course is right for you?

We highly recommend that if you live near one of our studios you take in-person tuition. It's invigorating to learn from a professional in the flesh and benefit from instant feedback. However, we understand that many of our followers do not live in the UK or near one of our studios, and in which case we recommend they enrol on our online DJ Course launching soon.

When does it launch & how do I sign up?

Our online courses will be launching in December 2019. For more information join our newsletter by clicking here.



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