Track Engineering With Marc Spence

Finish Your Tracks - Get Released

Are you struggling to finish your music?

Do you have hundreds of unfinished beats?

Do you want to be released on a label but your demos are not good enough?

These are all common issues facing new music producers. Many producers struggle when it comes to finishing a project and mixing it down to meet industry standards. We know that this hurdle can often be the hardest one to overcome. It's also especially important to get your demo tracks sounding perfect before submitting to a record label, after all, first impressions last.

To help our graduates finish their productions, elevate their work and meet industry-standards we have created a new service with our most in-demand producer, Marc Spence.

About Marc Spence

Marc Spence is one of the UK's leading producers and taste-makers. He is the most sought after producer in the DJ Gym family and has a roll-call of accolades and successes. He is now available for track engineering, exclusively for DJ Gym and LSA students and graduates.

"Marc has shown a great deal of natural ability in music and should be pushed to pursue it” - The self-fulfilling prophecy etched on to his school report, at the age of just 7.

With a burning desire and relentless work ethic, Marc has been tailoring his life to music for over 15 years. Constantly pushing, evolving and inspiring those around him. A self-taught DJ and Producer whose infectious beats (and personality) have seen him tour all across the globe. Testament to his ability to craft a constantly unique, evolving sound, his releases can be found on some of the industry's most prestigious labels: Dirtybird, Universal, Interscope, Insomniac & This Ain’t Bristol plus many more.

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Marc's own imprint Box of Cats - alongside Wongo and Kyle Watson - has also received critical praise. Rattling around in the loose canon of House music, his no-holds-barred production style is famously difficult to pin down. But therein lies the appeal, seizing praise and support from the likes of Claude Von Stroke and Luciano to Denis Sulta and Carl Cox.

Track Engineer With Marc

This service is available for producers who have the bulk of their track created and need help finishing it ready for release. Please contact us so we can listen to your demo as it is and let you know if it is ready for the service.

Remote Engineering or Face-to-Face

Marc is available for remote engineering or face-to-face sessions at DJ Gym Birmingham. Either way, over four-hours Marc will fine-tune your track and make it ready for release, making creative changes where needed, mixing down the track and creating your pre-master. On completion of the session, you will receive your 16bit WAV and MP3 demo master ready for submission to record labels. In addition, you will get a 24 bit pre-master.

If you book the remote service Marc will start by listening to your work and then work directly on your project file, finishing off the project over four-hours of studio time at his convenience.

If you book a session face-to-face in the DJ Gym Birmingham studio the session will be split into two two-hour sessions with a half-hour break. Four and a half-hours total. Sessions are available seven days a week.

Release on LSA Records

Did you know, we have our own in-house record label exclusively for our clients? Many producers will struggle to get their first release signed so we've created LSA Records to help you overcome the first major hurdle facing a new producer. Tracks engineered with Marc will automatically be accepted as demos for LSA records with a high likelihood they will be signed on completion of the work. Once you send you initial demo we'll be able to let you know if you can release on LSA before you book the session.

How To Book

We need to listen to your work to check it before you book this service so please click here to contact us and we will tell you how to submit your track for approval. Once approved, you can choose if you want to book the session with Marc in the studio in Birmingham or book the remote service. The fee for this service is only £400 for a limited time.

If your tracks are still not near finished we recommend instead of booking this service you book one-to-one music production lessons at DJ Gym or LSA. Click here for our music production courses.

Marc Spence


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