10 Inspirational & Musical Things To Do In Manchester

10 Inspirational & Musical Things To Do In Manchester

Manchester is a creative city with a long-standing musical history. It's was home to the infamous Hacienda nightclub and was the birthplaces of The Smiths and Joy Division and 808 State, to name just a few. The Madchester years, famous for being part of the second summer of love, put Manchester on the musical map and it has continued to influence global music to this day!

No trip to England's second musical city would be complete without a tour of Manchester's famous music haunts, venues and clubs. Make this a trip to remember and check out these incredible locations. Here are the top ten musical attractions the city has to offer...

1. Discover a passion for electronic dance music & learn how to DJ!

One of the best ways to get involved with music in Manchester is to take a DJ lesson at DJ Gym! DJ Gym offers one-to-one or small group DJ lessons from their studio in the heart of Manchester. It's super affordable and lessons are extremely addictive! You can learn how to DJ on the latest DJ equipment and no experience is necessary. The lessons are fun and suitable for all ages.

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Learn to DJ in Manchester and discover a new passion!

2. Attend a concert at Manchester Arena and sing the night away!

Manchester Arena is one of the biggest and most famous indoor venues in Europe. This iconic venue has hosted sell-out shows from some of the biggest artists in the world, including the Rolling Stones and Beyoncé. The atmosphere in this arena is electric and you'll have a wonderful time singing along to the greats of modern music.

To find out who is performing when you are in Manchester, check the arena's schedule here.

Manchester Arena

3. Indulge in Manchester's musical heritage on a Manchester Music Tour

The Manchester Music Tours are a must-do if you enjoy Manchester's musical history. The excursions take you throughout the city to see the locations that have contributed to Manchester's musical heritage, including the Factory Records building, the Hacienda nightclub, and the former residences of Ian Curtis and Morrissey. Not only is this an amazing whistle-stop tour of the city but you'll become a Manchester music expert at the same time!

Click here to. book a Manchester Music Tour
Manchester Music Tour Bus - Less serious than it looks!

4. Get in the mad-for-it mood at a Manchester Music Festival

Manchester has a huge array of music festivals especially in summertime. The cities rich tapestry of music cultures weave and incredible music scene and there is no better way to enjoy that at one of the cities many music festivities. Whether you're into techno, indie, hip-hop, or any other type of music, there's sure to be a festival in Manchester that caters to your tastes.

We love the Manchester International Festival, Parklife and Sounds of the City.

Parklife Music Festival Manchester

5. Hit a high note at Manchester Opera House

The Manchester Opera House is a historic theatre in the heart of Manchester with a stunning Edwardian and Art Deco interior design. The theatre hosts a wide range of productions, including musicals, plays, opera and ballet. This is certainly a destination for classical music fans who wants something truly high class! Be sure to dress to impress and indulge yourself in the sumptuous environment of the Opera House!

Click here for the Manchester Opera House
The glorious Manchester Opera House

6. Get in the groove at Manchester Jazz Festival

Manchester Jazz Festival is a yearly event celebrating Jazz music in all its eclectic forms. The festival takes over various venues across Manchester and features both local and international Jazz artists.

Since its inception in 1996, it has truly been a mecca for Jazz fans making it one of the stand-out events within Manchesters annual calendar. It's famous internationally and attracts Jazz fans from far and wide!

Click here to find out more about the Manchester Jazz Festival
Manchester Jazz Festival

7. Walk to the beat in Manchester's Norther Quarter

Are you a fan of listening to music while people watching? There is no better place to put on your headphones and walk to the beat in Manchester than the Northern Quarter. This creative and fashionable district is, dare we say it, the hipster hotspot of Manchester. Here you will find art galleries, cocktail bars, fashion haunts and a buzz like no other.

Pull up a stool in a artisan coffee house, listen to the music around you and soak up the atmosphere. While you're here, dip into one of Manchester's famous record stores to dig through some dusty crates to find a hidden gem. It would make a great souvenir!

Click here for a list of trendy record shops in Manchester
Manchester has many trendy hangouts including a great selection of record shops!

8. Go to one of Manchesters Top Clubs

Manchester is one of the UK's clubbing capitals offering a huge range of music genres across dozens of dance floors big and small! From huge expansive warehouses to small intimate speakeasies, Manchester has it all. No matter your style of music of type of crowd you're going to find the perfect night spot. Manchester offers clubbing every night of the week so make sure you visit and support Manchesters night time venues during your visit.

Click here for a list of the top venues in Manchester
Warehouse Project - Manchester

9. Camp it up in Canal Street

Canal Street is Manchester's famous LGBTQI district. Canal Street itself is the main drag, excuse the pun, but many adjacent streets and alleys also boast fabulous gay bars and clubs! We all know that the LGBTQI crowd love a party so this is one of the most poppin' areas in Manchester, especially on weekends. It's a care-free fun night out and you'll find a range of music to listen to. If you love cheesy pop check out G-A-Y, who also do budget drinks!

Celebrate pride all year round in Manchester's gay village!

10. Learn how to produce your own music!

Got the music bug? If you love music and want to learn how to create your own why not book a music course in Manchester?

If you're looking to learn how to produce your own music using powerful software from the comfort of your own home join DJ Gym's Ableton course! Ableton is one of the most popular music production programs you can use on your computer to compose your own music of any style.

You'll be amazed at how quickly you can learn how to create you own music, even with no prior experience!

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Learn how to make your own music with a one-to-one Ableton course


In conclusion, Manchester is a city with an incredible musical heritage, and there's no shortage of unique and wonderful activities for music fans. Manchester has it all, from Jazz, Classical, Opera, Punk, Rock, EDM and more! If you're planning a trip to Manchester be sure to indulge in the cities fascinating musical history and present!

We hope you learn to love Manchester as much as we do and involve yourself in its vibrant music scene!



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