100 Gift Ideas For DJs: Find The Best Gift For a DJ

100 Gift Ideas For DJs: Find The Best Gift For a DJ

Endlessly searching for the best gift for a DJ? If you're not a DJ yourself it can be hard to find the perfect idea. To help inspire you we've created a list of the top 100 gifts for DJs! Use this lift to find the perfect present for a DJ in your life.

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  1. DJ Masterclass Gift Voucher - Give the gift of knowledge with a DJ lesson gift voucher
  2. LED Strip Lights - Perfect for lighting up a home studio for DJ live streams!
  3. Premium DJ Headphones - All DJs need great headphones
  4. Portable DJ Controller - There are many controllers out there but a popular one is the Pioneer DDJ FLX 4
  5. Vinyl Record Coasters - Fun and cheap stocking filler for DJs. Widely available on Etsy
  6. DJ Equipment Backpack - Get the perfect gig bag for the DJ in your life
  7. DJ Scratch Record - Does your DJ friend want to learn how to scratch? This could be the perfect gift
  8. Studio Monitor Isolation Pads - Acoustics are important in studios and these pads reduce the vibrations
  9. Subscription to a Sample Pack Service - We recommend Spice for music production samples
  10. Acoustic Treatment Panels - Widely available in many locations, you can use cheap foam pads of expensive art pieces
  11. DJ Software License - Many Djs use Rekordbox, Serato or Traktor. See if you can purchase an upgrade for them
  12. MIDI Controller - Many DJs use MIDI controllers in the studio to help them make beats
  13. DJ-themed Puzzle - Take their mind of the mix with a fun DJ puzzle
  14. Concert Tickets or Festival Pass - Going clubbing IS homework!
  15. Modular Synthesiser Kit - Many DJs like to dabble in music production. Inspire them to make their own sounds
  16. Custom Laptop Skin - Perfect to promote yourself at a DJ set
  17. Vinyl Record Storage Crate - Vinyl records getting disorganised? This is the perfect solution
  18. Smart Speaker for Home DJ Setup - Bluetooth speakers are great for home use and can be used for DJing too
  19. DJ-themed Art Print - Studio art is important to get in that creative vibe
  20. High-End Turntable - Is your DJ friend a fan of vinyl mixing? Why not get them a high-end DJ turntable
  21. Custom DJ Slipmats - Cheap and fun way to liven up a DJ studio
  22. DJ Coffee Mug - Useful when producing beats in the studio
  23. USB DJ Light - Sometimes DJ booths are dark, help them navigate with a handy LED light or torch
  24. DJ-themed Phone Case - When they have everything else!
  25. Personalised DJ Business Cards - This is a brilliant gift to help a DJ establish themselves
  26. Midi Fighter Controller - Amazing fun piece of kit for advanced DJs
  27. DJ Mixer Stand - Essential for laptop DJs who don't want to break their back
  28. DJ Equipment Cleaning Kit - It's important to clean your DJ equipment to keep it in good condition
  29. Record Player Stand - Another essential for vinyl DJs
  30. DJ Keychain - Stocking filler idea, widely available on Etsy in all sorts of customisations
  31. Wireless Earbuds - Keep those ears healthy when at gigs
  32. DJ Laptop Stand - Great for any DJ who uses their laptop at live gigs or at home
  33. DJ USB Drive Set - Many DJs use USBs, Sandisk are the best for DJing
  34. Turntable Dust Cover - Make sure that equipment stays clean with dust covers
  35. DJ-themed Wall Clock - Spending too much time in the studio, get a hand clock with a DJ theme
  36. DJ Magazine Subscription - DJ Mag and Mixmag are both essential magazines for DJs
  37. Record Store Gift Card - Not sure what to buy them? Get them a gift card so they can decide
  38. DJ Trolley Bag - If your DJ friend carries a lot of stuff maybe get them a trolly or solution to help them move equipment
  39. DJ-themed Socks - For the dads
  40. DJ Vinyl Record Wall Display - A great way to decorate a home studio
  41. DJ Desk Organiser - Essential for any career DJ juggling gigs and invoices!
  42. DJ Sticker Pack - Fun stocking filler idea for DJs
  43. DJ Desk Lamp - Keep their eyes in good health with an appropriate studio lamp
  44. Record Frame Set - Showcase and protect their best records
  45. DJ-themed Throw Pillow - What more could you ask for?
  46. DJ Studio Chair - Perfect for photoshoots, pod casts and relaxing to beats
  47. Vinyl Record Wall Decals - Another fantastic and affordable way to decorate a blank wall
  48. DJ Hoodie - DJs love hoodies! T-shirts are also a must for hot DJ gigs
  49. DJ Sunglasses - Does your DJ like to play in the sunshine? Sun glasses will help them see the decks!
  50. Turntable Slipmat Set - Slipmats are perfect for vinyl DJs and they often need replacing
  51. DJ Record Crate - Get some designer storage for their record collection
  52. DJ Travel Mug - All DJs have a logo, see what you can print it on
  53. Vinyl Record Wall Shelves - Record collectors always need suitable shelves that are sturdy
  54. DJ Wristwatch - Help them keep to their set time!
  55. DJ Mixer Cufflinks - Fun for DJs who wear suits
  56. Vinyl Record Wall Art - Maybe print up their favourite vinyl sleeves
  57. Small DJ Bag - DJs carry lots of gadgets, get them a sturdy small bag to help them organise their DJ stuff
  58. DJ Pencil Case - Another great way for young DJs to brand their logo!
  59. DJ-themed Water Bottle - DJing is thirsty work!
  60. DJ Record Dividers - Perfect for large record collections
  61. DJ Laptop Cooling Pad - For DJs in hot countries they might need a cooling solution to keep their DJ gear in optimal condition
  62. DJ Beanie - Fun and yet another way to brand the logo
  63. DJ Theme Bedsheets - Great for kids into DJing
  64. DJ-Themed PJs - Great for kids into DJing
  65. DJ Enamel Pin Set - A nice addition to any ruksack or DJ jacket
  66. DJ Embroidered Patch - Also another option
  67. DJ Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit - Keep their records in optimal condition with a vinyl record cleaning kit
  68. DJ Apron - Do they cook up a storm in the kitchen as well as behind the decks?
  69. Vinyl Record Bookends - If they have a small collection or records book-ends are a great option to help keep them tidy
  70. DJ-themed Mouse Pad - Perfect for the gamer DJ
  71. Vinyl Turntable Needles - Needles to wear out over time and a new pair make the perfect gift
  72. DJ-themed Tote Bag - Simple, cheap and useful
  73. Vinyl Record Decorations - Looking for a Christmas decoration to spruce up your tree?
  74. DJ-themed Desk Calendar - Keep their gig calendar organised in style.
  75. DJ Car Decal - For maximum exposure on the road
  76. Record Player Accessories - From dust covers to gold plates, how can you pimp their turntable?
  77. DJ-themed Towel Set - For the shower after a sweaty headline gig
  78. Vinyl Record Repair Kit - Keep those oldie but goldie records in good condition
  79. DJ Outfits - Every DJ needs to dress the part behind the decks, can you help them with a stand-out piece of clothing?
  80. DJ Laptop Sleeve - Keep their precious laptop safe from scratches and bumps
  81. DJ-themed Bottle Opener - Need to open a beer in the booth? This would be ideal!
  82. Vinyl Record Wall Hooks - Another way to hand and display a record collection
  83. DJ Desk Nameplate - Get their DJ name in lights with a custom LED neon sign
  84. Vinyl Record Carrying Case - Get the best rolling bag for big record collections
  85. DJ-experience - Book a DJ experience at your local DJ school
  86. Vinyl Record Storage Cube - A great way to stack record collections
  87. DJ-themed Notepads - Perfect for planning your DJ takeover of the world
  88. DJ Adapters - Many DJs need various adapters to connect their equipment
  89. DJ Cables - Many DJs need audio and data cables to make their setup work
  90. DJ Furniture - Get the perfect DJ booth for your loved one
  91. DJ Monitors - Get a set of DJ speaker for them to DJ at home with
  92. DJ Soundcard - Get a soundcard to help them connect their home studio together
  93. DJ Torch - Get a touch for them to use in dark DJ booths
  94. CDJ Stand - If they are using CDJs at home consider getting a specific CDJ stand
  95. DJ Speaker Stands - Get some nice stands for their DJ speakers
  96. Studio Rug - No music studio is complete without a rug that absorbs sounds and protects the floor where it's worn the most
  97. Fan - Music studios get very hot, consider buying them a bladeless fan that makes minimal noise
  98. DJ music - get a gift voucher for DJ music from Bandcamp
  99. DJ Logo - Get a local designer to make a custom DJ logo for them
  100. DJ graphics - Hire a graphic designer to make a 3d image of their logo

Wow, that's it. 100 DJ Gifts! We hope this list helped you refine your search for the best DJ gift for the a DJ in your life! Remember that whatever gift you get a DJ the best possible one is support. Share their mixes, spread their name and help them get more DJ gigs.



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