Beginner DJ Lessons

Beginner DJ Lessons

Are you a beginner looking for beginner DJ lessons? Join our Beginner DJ Course for expert one-to-one DJ tuition suitable for total beginners! Our Beginner DJ lessons are available seven days a week and taught one-to-one so you won't be in a group. This makes them perfect for beginner DJs because you can learn at your own pace and choose your own DJ lesson schedule. Another great advantage of our beginner DJ lessons is that you can learn how to DJ with any style of music. We cater for every type of music and can teach you how to DJ with any DJ software and equipment.

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Why Our Beginner DJ Lessons Are The Best!

There are many reasons why our beginner DJ lessons and beginner DJ courses are the best in the UK but the first is our reviews! We have over 300 five-star reviews! Make sure you read the reviews from all our DJ courses including our Beginner DJ Course. You can find reviews on Trustpilot, Google and Facebook!

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Here are some more amazing reasons our Beginner DJ Lesson rock!

  • One-to-One Beginner DJ Lessons (no groups)
  • Zero experience or equipment needed
  • Choose your DJ tutor
  • Choose your DJ lesson schedule
  • Learn to DJ with any style of music
  • Beginner DJ Course suitable for total beginners
  • Learn with Rekordbox, Serato or Traktor (or your own DJ system)
  • Affordable Beginner DJ Course
  • The best reviews from all the DJ academies
  • Work toward LSA certification & graduation
  • Get DJ gigs with LSA

How To Book Beginner DJ Lessons

Want to get started with your first Beginner DJ Lessons? Click here to view and book your Beginner DJ Course or if you have any questions hit the contact us button. Once you have booked the Beginner DJ Course simply follow the instructions in your email to choose your DJ lesson schedule. Lessons are available seven days a week from our London, Manchester and Birmingham studios. 

You can also book Beginner DJ Lessons online if you contact us for availability!

What is included in Beginner DJ Lessons?

There are many skills covered in our beginner DJ course lessons but here are the main areas of tuition.

  1. How to download, organise and built your music collection
  2. How to prepare your playlists in your chosen DJ software
  3. How to export your playlists correctly
  4. How to beatmatch by ear
  5. How to mix and blend your tracks with the EQs
  6. How to understand musical phrasing and timing
  7. How to mix harmonically
  8. How to use filters and basic FX
  9. How to use basic loops and cues
  10. How to record!

Want to become a DJ?

If you want to become a DJ our Beginner DJ Lessons are the first step. Book our Beginner DJ Course and schedule your DJ lessons easily using our online calendar. You should complete all the DJ lessons in the beginners course and then continue you learning to gain all the benefits of our courses. Once you complete the beginner level you will receive a personalised report from your DJ tutor to help guide your practice. You can then enrol on the Intermediate DJ Course and finally the Advanced DJ Course.

Our DJ Course Graduates Performing in Ibiza
Our DJ Course Graduates Performing in Ibiza

Once you have completed all three levels you will gain your LSA Pro DJ certification and be invited to join the LSA alumni community. The community is a powerful group of DJs and producers from all over the world. You can meet, network and collaborate with new DJ friends!

In the group you can apply for DJ opportunities that only LSA provide. They are partnered with famous venues like Ministry of Sound and graduates of our Pro DJ Course can apply to DJ! There are also tons of DJ competitions and events to help you become part of a bigger DJ world. It all starts with the Beginner DJ Lessons so click here to book your Beginner DJ Course.

Our DJ Course Graduates Performing at Ministry of Sound!

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