Best Speakers For Beginner DJs

Best Speakers For Beginner DJs

So you’ve made the decision to take a step into DJing or maybe even producing. Perhaps you have already enrolled on our award-winning DJ and production courses or even our online courses. 

If this is the case, and you haven’t won the lottery recently, the reality is that you won’t have your own dedicated studio yet. Chances are you’ll have to make do in your bedroom or spare room. That’s okay though because it’s not an impossible task. So you’ve bought your controller, or downloaded Logic Pro, and found space for your set-up. Now you face possibly the most daunting step - finding the best speakers for a beginner DJ. When we talk about buying speakers for use in a DJ or production studio we refer to them as studio monitors. 

Firstly - what are studio monitors? As opposed to fully-fledged speakers which usually face outwards and deliver a huge amalgamation of sounds to a crowd of people, monitors are designed to face inwards, towards the user. The reason for this is that monitors are there to give a true representation of the output sound with no exaggerated frequencies. This is so the user can hear tracks the way they were intended, which makes them perfect for a bedroom DJ or producer setting. With that in mind, we’ve curated a list of the best entry-level monitor speakers for your home set-up. 

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1. Pioneer DJ DM-50D (RRP £150 per pair)

Sitting at the lower end of the budget spectrum, the Pioneer DJ DM-50D monitor speakers are a very decent value for money. Suitable for bedroom DJs who are just starting out, these monitors deliver a well-balanced sound and look very sleek, coming in either black or white. They are also what’s known as front port monitors, so they can be propped against a wall if needed. This makes them suitable for people with slightly less space or no room for stands. Their default production mode setting can be switched to ‘DJ mode’ which delivers a slightly punchier bass response. They have a headphone jack at the front and connect via RCA, mini-jack and TRS terminals at the back. 

Pioneer DJ DM-50Ds (Contact us if you'd like to purchase these at our student discount)

2. KRK Rokit RP5 G4 (RRP £270 per pair)

The KRK’s are one of the market leaders in the affordable pro studio monitors market and for good reason! They always prioritise build quality and sound design over anything else. The monitors favour simplicity of use, with everything being controlled with a rotary dial at the back of the speaker. They are also fitted with a brick wall limiter, to protect themselves from damage when there is an unexpected peak in signal. This is perfect for starting DJs who may unintentionally raise the volume too loud. The KRK’s also come with an app which can be used to set up and control the monitors. 

KRK Rokit RP5 G4s

3. Yamaha HS5 (RRP £300 per pair)

At one of the highest (albeit justified) price points on our list, the Yamaha HS5s deliver plenty of bang for your buck. Designed to deliver the most precise, honest sound, or a true ‘flat frequency response,’ the HS5s would be perfect for any beginner bedroom producer looking for a true sound representation.  The monitors have customisable room controls for both high and low-end frequencies, meaning you can adjust the settings depending on the size or acoustics of your room. 

Yamaha HS5s

4. ADAM AUDIO TV5 (RRP £340 per pair)

Providing the perfect compromise between a flat frequency response and a well-balanced sound, the Adam Audio TV5 monitors are a favourite pick for many home setups. The rear of the monitors provides outputs for both XLR and RCA, and on top of this, they have two 3-way EQ switches on the back. This allows the user to customise the output of the sound based on where in their room they have positioned their speakers. These Adam Audio monitors are perfect for starting DJs and Producers that are looking for an extremely balanced sound and also those whose home setups change often!


5. Mackie CR5-XBT (RRP £170 Per pair) 

Serving as one of the cheaper monitor speakers on our list, the Mackie CR5-XBT is perfect for DJs and Producers on a tight budget. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also have a great amount of power for their price - all while providing a very balanced bass response considering their size. The CR5s are also extremely versatile, with RCA and AUX outputs, as well as Bluetooth connectivity for when you just want to listen to music more casually. 

Mackie CR5-XBTs

6. Focal Alpha 50 Evo (RRP £200 Each) 

Focal has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the top professional audio gear providers. Their Alpha 50 Evo model comes in at one of their more affordable price points relative to their professional counterparts, but still our most expensive monitor on this list. You can be sure to expect the same top build quality that comes with their more expensive ranges though. The model provides an excellent range in the low frequencies, while the mids are detailed and clear. The top-end frequencies remain clean and tight without any harsh tonality. The Alpha 50 Evo leverages a large sweet spot which is great for positioning the monitors in a small space such as a bedroom or small studio.  

Focal Alpha 50 Evo

7. M Audio BX5 D3 (RRP £230 per pair)

Coming in at the more mid-range price point on our list, the M Audio BX5 D3s are certainly a safe bet for both DJs and music producers. They sit in the perfect middle between providing a flat frequency response and delivering a truly enjoyable listening experience. Their bass output is warm with a smoother top-end performance than its previous models. Their tweeter waveguide offers broader dispersion making for a wider listening sweet spot. This is good for getting a solid sound in a smaller bedroom or studio. A unique feature of the BX5 D3s is the ‘positioning LED’ on the front, which shines more brightly when the speaker is at an ideal angle. This makes the monitors ideal for a beginner DJ or producer who may be unsure of how to best position their speakers. 

M Audio BX5 D3

8. JBL 305- MKII (RRP £250 Per Pair)

This sleek series of speakers from JBL has quickly become a firm choice for audiophiles and bedroom DJs alike. Being the smallest in their series, the JBL 305 MKII boasts a uniquely wide sweet spot - something that is not often found in their price bracket. This is due to their patented Image Control Waveguide technology at the top of the tweeters and gives them a significant USP for DJs or producers who fall within the £250 budget. The JBL’s bass response is also extremely punchy, meaning they would be suitable for any producer looking to make bass-heavy music.  Connectivity specs include XLR and ¼” jack inputs at the back. Overall it’s a very well-rounded entry-level monitor. 



Finding the right monitors or speakers for beginner DJs isn’t always easy because bigger doesn’t always mean better in your setup. Sometimes it can take time and a bit of research to find a pair of monitors that suit your goals. For example, if you were wanting to become a producer, you’d be looking for monitors that offer a true sound representation of your output, so you can hear exactly what you’d like the listeners of your songs to hear. If you’re DJing, you’ll want a pair of monitors that not only pack a punch, but you’d want to hear the lows, mids and highs really clearly so you can make a distinction between all of them when you’re mixing. The size of your room or studio is also important, as well as where the speakers are located, and where they’re positioned relative to the user. So, keep our list in mind and if you need additional recommendations, ask one of our DJ Gym tutors in your lesson! 

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