Birmingham's DJ Equipment Guide: Where to Buy, Rent, and Maintain Your Gear

Birmingham's DJ Equipment Guide: Where to Buy, Rent, and Maintain Your Gear

Perhaps you're a beginner DJ taking our DJ course in Birmingham or an established local DJ, either way you'll want to know where the best place is to buy and maintain DJ equipment in Birmingham.

Getting the best DJ equipment to suit your budget and style of DJing is critical for your DJ craft. You might be be a hobbyist and want something fun to make mixtapes at home or perhaps you want to get the industry-standard Pioneer DJ setup. Whatever your DJ needs, Birmingham has a range of options for budding DJs.

Here in this blog we help you navigate the world of DJ equipment and provide some local knowledge to help you make the best decision about where to buy and maintain your DJ equipment in Birmingham. This blog is essential reading for Birmingham DJs before they make that special purchase.

DJ Equipment Shops in Birmingham

Nowadays, many people buy DJ equipment online but it's better if you can go to a showroom and actually use the equipment and talk to the staff. A DJ equipment showroom is also a great place to talk to like-minded people about DJing and the local scene. They are often hubs where DJs meet and discuss DJ technology and DJing in general. Similarly, many people will book a DJ studios at our DJ academy in Birmingham and introduce themselves to the local DJ culture that way.

DJ Tech Direct in Birmingham

The best DJ shop in Birmingham is DJ Tech Direct. They have a great showroom and knowledgeable staff. They are based in the famous Custard Factory in Digbeth, Birmingham's creative quarter. This area is famous for music studios like hours, music colleges and nightlife. It's the beating-heart of Birmingham and thus it fits that the cities most popular DJ shop and DJ academy are side-by-side.

If you want to visit their showroom you can find them here: DJ Tech Direct is The Custard Factory, Units 8 & 10, Birmingham B9 4AA. Make sure you check their opening times on Google Maps.

The Custard Factory - Birmingham's Music Hot Spot For DJ Culture

The Best Option For Beginner DJs

Most beginner DJs won't know what to buy. In this case, we highly recommend that you close your wallet and first book a Beginner DJ Course in our Birmingham studio by clicking here. Lessons are taught one-to-one and available seven days a week. We are an official Pioneer DJ Education Partner so we are a world leader in DJ education.

In the course we will give you impartial advice about what might be the best DJ equipment for your style of DJing. This way, you won't waste money on the wrong product and you'll benefit from our Pioneer DJ discount saving you lots of money in the process. After all, once you buy some DJ equipment you'll need to learn how to use it anyway!

Click here for the DJ Gym Birmingham Beginner DJ Course.

Other than giving you the best advice and teaching you how to DJ professionally we also organise DJ gigs for our DJ course graduates. Join our DJ academy is you wish to become a DJ and actually get real life DJ gigs. Click here for more information on our DJ courses and DJ gigs.

DJ Lessons at DJ Gym Birmingham

Online DJ Equipment Shops

There are many online DJ equipment shops where you can order DJ equipment to your home, including Birmingham's own DJ Tech Direct. Be cautious, some of these shops will list the item for sale on their website but they might not actually have it in stock and wait times for DJ equipment can be months. It's always best to check if they have the item in stock on the phone before purchasing.

We only recommend using online DJ shops when you know exactly what you want to buy. If you're new to DJing and not sure it's much better for you to take some DJ lessons with us or visit a showroom.

Second-hand DJ equipment in Birmingham

Some people might wish to save money on DJ equipment by buying second-hand. We generally advise against this. We've known a few horror stories where someone has been conned into buying obsolete DJ equipment that is totally out-of-date and unsuitable for modern ways of DJing. It might seem cheap but trust us, it's a false economy! Best to avoid unless you really know what you're doing and how to check they are working 100%.

Again, the best thing here is to learn how to DJ properly and establish what DJ equipment would best suit your style of DJing and your budget before investing. Feel free to contact us for impartial advice.

Renting a DJ Studio in Birmingham

Did you know? A popular alternative to buying expensive DJ equipment and annoying your neighbours is to rent a DJ studio. You can book a DJ studio at DJ Gym Birmingham with a DJ instructor on hand for just £20 per hour. Click here to learn about renting a DJ studio in Birmingham. We can also rent DJ equipment for parties, clubs and event organisers. Click here to use our contact form.

DJ Equipment Repairs & Maintenance in Birmingham

Is your DJ equipment in need of repair? Often it might be covered by a warranty so make sure you register your DJ products after purchase and keep the original boxes and receipts. Failing that, you may need to seek a professional to help service and repair your DJ equipment. We know a few people so if you need a DJ equipment repair in Birmingham please feel free to contact us here.


Finding DJ equipment in Birmingham or online is easy, but finding the right equipment for your style of DJing and budget is more challenging. We highly recommend that you talk to us first. We can provide free advice on what DJ equipment might be best for you and your budget. We can also help teach you how to use it and you might be able to benefit from our Pioneer DJ discount!



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