Download Free DJ Software

Download Free DJ Software

We give you the top free DJ software programs and their download links! If you're looking for free DJ software and some advice on which DJ software is best continue reading to find out how to download free DJ software and which one is right for you and your computer.

DJ software will allow you to DJ from your laptop and start earning money as a DJ at small events and parties. Many wedding DJs use free DJ software and make a good profit on their performances. Why not kickstart your DJ career today and download from free DJ software!

Find The Right DJ Software For You

Free DJ Software vs Paid DJ Software

The main advantage of free DJ software is that anyone can download a program and get going for free. The disadvantage is that in the DJ industry it's not seen as the professionals choice and may of these programs don't have all the advanced features of a paid-for version.

There's a huge ecosystem of DJ software and apps available nowadays. Some are called 'industry-standard' and they are widely used by professional DJs. The three big industry-standard DJ software programs are Serato, Rekordbox and Traktor. All these programs have free versions you can start with, like demos, and then you can upgrade later on. However, there are some programs that are totally free and give you access to advanced DJ tools. Free DJ software programs or demo versions sometimes have less features or don't work with industry-standard DJ equipment but many DJs don't use the most advanced features of their decks anyway!

Free DJ software systems are widely used by wedding DJs, party DJs and DJs around the world who perhaps don't have the money to pay for DJ software. After all, it's what you do with it that counts! If you're a laptop DJ and using your own equipment then you can choose what set up suits you best so ignore what big DJs say and just do what is right for you and your budget.

What About Free DJ Apps For Your Phone or tablet?

Some of these DJ software programs have versions you can use on your phone or tablet so check out the download links for more information. Often phone versions are to help you prepare playlists on the go or just perform basic mixes. They are used for amateur DJs at house parties too. For DJing on a more professional level try using a laptop version. If you really like DJing with your software think about learning to DJ properly and maybe investing in a DJ controller.

Download Free DJ Software With The Links Below

Downloadable Free DJ Software Programs

Here are the top DJ software programs you can download for free. Some work with Windows or Apple systems and some on iOS and Android so please check the text! Click the links to download the programs.

Virtual DJ (Windows & Mac)

We've placed Virtual DJ at the top of the list because it's the most popular DJ software program worldwide, because it's free and has a range of features. There is a paid version of Virtual DJ but the free version is on par with many paid-for DJ software programs. Virtual DJ have made DJing accessible for many people worldwide who would have otherwise been priced out of the art form. For this reason they are our number one free DJ software program available to download.

Click here to download Virtual DJs free DJ Software

Serato DJ Lite (Windows & Mac)

Serato is one of the big three professional DJ software programs alongside Traktor and Rekordbox but their lite version is the best of the three. Serato Lite opens the world of professional DJ software to anyone with their free version. The free version of Serato doesn't have all the advanced features and Serato DJ Pro users enjoy but it's got all you need to get going and perform as a DJ with your laptop. Overall it's a fantastic option for DJs on a budget.

Click here to download Serato DJ Lite

Rekordbox - Free Version (Windows & Mac)

Rekordbox is Pioneer's flagship DJ software program that works natively with their industry-standard range of CDJs used widely in professional venues internationally. Pioneer have the top spot when it comes to DJ equipment and their software is the best choice for DJs who want to play internationally on the decks they have already in the clubs and at music festivals. Rekordbox users can use the free version of the software to create their playlists and then export them to a USB for use in the Pioneer CDJs. This means the DJs don't need to use a laptop. Rekordbox also have paid-for versions so you can use your laptop to DJ with the industry-standard decks or just via the laptop. This is a great option for DJs who do have access to gigs at venues that already have the Pioneer DJ equipment in place. It's not suitable for DJs who don't have access to such equipment, which is the vast majority of DJs in the developing world.

Click here to download Rekordbox

Traktor - Demo Version (Windows & Mac)

Traktor is one of the big three DJ programs along with Rekordbox and Serato. Disappointingly, they have released a demo version which gives you access to the full range of features but rather cruely turns off after 30 minutes of use. This renders it useless for DJs who are on a budget and can't afford DJ software. The Traktor demo is useful if you want to see what the Traktor interface is like but not worth downloading if you have no intention of paying for the full version.

Click here to download the Traktor demo version

Engine DJ (Windows & Mac)

Engine DJ is the DJ software program designed by Denon DJ. It's primarily for use with the Denon Prime range of DJ equipment which is seen as the competitor for Pioneer. They are not widely used in comparison to Pioneer but they do offer an interesting alternative which has been gaining some traction in the industry. Once to watch and perhaps experiment with by downloading the free version.

Click here to download Engine DJ

DJ Pro (Windows Only)

DJ Pro is one of the most popular DJ software programs available on the internet. There is a free 15-day trial and paid-for version available. The paid-for version is also quite affordable at under fifty pounds. It has a pro range of features and a very cool looking interface. It's easy to learn and on par with Virtual DJ in terms of usability. The only downside for some is that it's only available on windows.

Click here to download DJ Pro for Windows

Mixxx (Windows or Mac)

Mixx is an open source free DJ software program that works on both apple and windows. It has pro features including key detection and is gaining popularity. Its graphic interface is much the same as any of the major programs so any DJ who has used other programs in the past will find it easy to learn. As it's the least commercially led program available for free download we are quite interested. Another one to watch.

Click here to download Mixxx

Cross DJ (iOS and Android)

Cross DJ is a DJ program aimed toward amateurs who want to DJ for fun. It's available on iOs and Android so it's a great option for DJs who want to play from their phone. This makes it an interesting option for DJs who do not own a laptop and perhaps want to get involved in DJing via their phones. In some developing countries DJs are often seen using their phones rather than a laptop. Where there is a will there is a way!

Click here to download Cross DJ

Which Free DJ Software is the Best?

In our opinion the best free DJ software for DJs on a budget is Virtual DJ. It has a full suite of DJ tools and competes with the paid for DJ software programs. However, if you want to make a career of DJing we recommend that you buy a professional package as an investment in your future career plans. If your budget can't reach to a paid for version then download one of the free programs to get you going.

If you want to learn how to DJ and get gigs click here for more information about our DJ courses.



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