Gift Ideas for Beginner DJs: The Ultimate DJ Gift Guide

Gift Ideas For Beginner DJs

Do you know a budding DJ, a total newbie or a novice? Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect gift for a beginner DJ who’s just picked up one of the most enjoyable hobbies. The art of DJing is one of the best ways to get creative with the music you love. DJing is suitable for all ages and ability levels and there is DJ equipment for all budgets. If you loved one is into DJing you can find great present and gift ideas for DJs in this blog. This DJ gift guide is suitable for beginner DJs and pros alike.

If your DJ loved one have just recently discovered a passion for DJing and electronic music use this blog for gift inspiration. The holidays are coming and there’s an incredible range of awesome gifts for beginner DJs available to suit all budgets. Everything from stocking fillers for DJs to blow-out gifts that will knock their Crimbo socks off! 

We hope you find the perfect gift for your beginner DJ friend. Save and share this blog if you found it useful! Don’t forget, if you need anything DJ related contact us, we are the experts and will be happy to help with any questions you have. 

Stocking Filler Ideas for Beginner DJs Under £15

You don't have to blow your bank account or empty your wallet to find a great gift for a DJ. Here's our list of small gifts for DJs under £15.

DJ Neon Sign Gift

Why not help your DJ loved one decorate their DJ station. What could be better than having their DJ name in lights? You can pick up this fun DJ LED sign with a neon effect from many sellers on Etsy. It can be customised with their DJ name and works perfectly for a home DJ studio. We love DJs who use these in their DJ live streams, adding a professional level of branding. 

A fun present for a DJ

Xmas Tree Decorations Gift

Looking to theme your Christmas tree? Why not pick up one of these awesome little tree decorations with a DJ theme. We love the mixtape bauble and even have some on our tree in our DJ academy. 

A cute DJ-themed tree decoration

USBs Gifts

Professional DJs always need USBs. Most DJs will load music onto a USB and then take it to the club to perform. Make sure you get a Sandisk USB, they are the best. 32GB are the favourite and work well as a stocking filler for DJs. 

A useful stocking-filler for DJs

Cable Gifts

DJs always need high-quality cables to connect all their gear. Why not get them something truly useful. They are small and affordable, making them perfect stocking filler gifts for DJs. 

DJ Cleaning Kits Gift Sets

DJ equipment can get dusty and it’s important to keep it clean. Many DJs also have a lot of camera equipment to film their DJ sets. Cleaning kits are a useful and affordable gift for a DJ, fitting perfectly in a stocking. 

Camera Accessories Gifts

There are lots of cool camera gadgets and accessories DJs can use when filming their DJ sets. Why not get some camera phone lens or an attachment for their camera. They are small and uniquely useful gifts for beginner DJs. 

Gift Vouchers for DJs

A great stocking filler for beginner DJs is a gift voucher. You can get a gift voucher for studio hire at our studios, for lessons or for DJ equipment. Contact us and let us know how much you would like your gift voucher to be worth. 

Click here ti buy DJ lesson gift vouchers in London or for online lessons (Zoom)
Click here to buy a DJ lesson gift voucher for lessons in the rest of the UK
DJ Lesson Gift Vouchers Available in Birmingham, Manchester, London and online (Zoom) Click the links above to purchase a gift voucher.

Small Gift Ideas for Beginner DJs Under £50

If you want something a bit more substantial as a gift explore our list of gifts for DJs under £50.

DJ Equipment Dust Covers

If you know what DJ equipment they have you can buy a specific dust cover. We love the Deck Saver range and they have something for all major bits of DJ equipment. This is one of the best gifts for a beginner DJ who has their own equipment. 

DJ Equipment Bags Gifts

DJs are always taking lots of equipment from gig to gig so make sure they have a decent bag. Not only will it make them look more professional but it will protect their equipment, saving them money in the process. DJ equipment bags are perfect presents for beginner DJs and pros alike. 

Studio Hire Gift Voucher

Sometimes the bedroom can be a buzz kill and visiting a professional DJ studio is the antidote. Inspire your DJ friend by gifting them a studio experience. They can book at any of our locations and use industry-standard DJ equipment. What’s more is they can network with other DJs and access an incredible community of artists. Contact us to book a studio experience or buy a studio hire gift voucher. 

Click here to hire a DJ studio in London (Gift Options Available)

Gift Ideas for Beginner DJs Under £100 

If you want something truly awesome for a main gift for your DJ friend or partner consider something from our gift guide for presents under £100.

DJ Lesson Gift Vouchers

One of the best gifts to get a DJ is one-to-one DJ lessons at our studios in London, Manchester or Birmingham. We also offer online lessons too! Masterclass DJ lessons can be tailored to suit any ability level from Beginner to Advanced. Total beginners are welcome and we regularly teach celebrity DJs too. If you want to get the best gift for a budding beginner DJ give them the gift of knowledge! It’s also an incredible experience to visit our studios and learn direct from a working professional DJ. 

Click Here for DJ Lessons and DJ Courses
DJ Lessons at London Sound Academy

Music Production Lesson Gift Vouchers

If you know a DJ who is already working as a DJ and highly skilled you might want to consider getting them music production lessons as a gift. We offer music production lesson gift vouchers for single lessons and courses. You can buy a number of hours and when they contact us we will match them with the best music producer for their style of music. They’ll be making their own hit records in no time! 

Bow-out Gift Ideas for Beginner DJs £100+ 

So they've been a good DJ and Santa wants to really go to town! If you're looking for a blow-out gift for a DJ this list has got you covered.

DJ Headphones

Every DJ needs a great pair of headphones. If your DJ friend hasn’t got any headphones or only something low quality and cheap perhaps they are due for an upgrade. One of the best gifts you can get for a DJ is a solid pair of headphones they can use a DJ gigs or at home in the studio. We recommend the Sennheiser HD25 headphones. They are great value for money, high quality and easy to wear. One size fits all. 

Advanced DJ Course Gift Voucher

If you’re DJ loved one already knows the basic or intermediate DJ skills gift them the chance to really shine. Our Advanced or Elite DJ Courses are suitable for DJs with experience. Lessons are one-to-one so we can tailor them to suit any style of music and any ability level. 

Music Production Course Gift Voucher

If you want to make it as a DJ in 2024 you have to produce music. We train the best new DJs and music producers and our alumni have signed to all the major record labels including Universal, Sony, Defected, Island Records and Toolroom. If you want to give your budding beginner DJ friend the best chance at launching their DJ career sign them up for a music production courses at our studios. They will benefit greatly from our mentorship and access to our industry-contacts. Not to mention, we house the best and most supportive network of DJs in the UK. 

DJ Gig Experience

Help your DJ friend step out of the bedroom and into the main room. Our DJ experiences are second-to-none and help new DJs get their first gigs under their belts. We work with famous brands including Ministry of Sound, Egg LDN, XOYO and more. We even hold a tour in Ibiza every summer. Graduates of our DJ course program can join these gigs and play at real venues with real crowds. It’s the best way to launch your career as a DJ. Book the entire DJ program including Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced DJ Courses to access this incredible benefit. DJs must be 18+. This package is available as a gift voucher. Please contact us to book.

Click here to buy the ultimate DJ course and graduation gig at Ministry of Sound

Buy the ultimate DJ gift - a DJ course with a graduation set at Ministry of Sound

DJ Speakers 

A good pair of speakers or monitors can help a new DJ learn the skill much faster. Good acoustics is key and a nice pair of studio monitors will help them shine as a new DJ. There are speakers for all budgets, one of the most affordable sets are the Pioneer DM40 speakers. They pack a punch for a small pair of monitors and work perfectly with Dj controllers like the DDJ FLX4. 

DJ Controller Gifts

If your DJ friend doesn’t have their own equipment consider getting them a DJ controller. The Pioneer DDJ FLX4 is one of the most popular DJ controllers for Beginner DJs and makes for a fantastic gift. You may also wish to consider buying this controller along with a gift voucher for DJ lessons, perhaps the Beginner DJ Course, so they can really get to know it. 

DJ Equipment as a Gift

If your DJ friend already has some beginner DJ tech you might want to give them an upgrade. There is a whole ecosystem of DJ equipment add-ons for all budgets. Talk with your friend or figure out what they already have. You can then contact us for suggests on what would make the perfect gift options for them with your budget in mind. Our expert DJ tutors can help you choose the right gift for their DJ setup. 

To Summerise.

You can find the perfect gift for a DJ, for any budget. Make sure you don't over-spend and remember that experiences count more than products. We highly recommend getting something memorable and sustainable, like lessons. It will be something they remember their whole life.



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