Gift Ideas For DJs

Top Ten Gift Ideas For DJs

Are you looking for the perfect gifts for DJs? No matter if they are a newbie, bedroom DJ or superstar they will appreciate these awesome gift ideas for DJs and music lovers. Don't forget, one of the most awesome gift ideas for a DJ or producer of any ability level is a gift voucher for DJ or production one-to-one tuition at our studios here in Birmingham, Manchester or Oxford or over with our partners London Sound Academy.

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Gift Ideas For DJs

1. Record Cleaning Box Set - £29.99

This is on for the vinyl DJ’s in your life, a 5 in 1 kit consisting of record cleaner, pick up brush, stylus cleaner, vinyl brush and a lint free cloth, everything needed to keep them records in top shape.

2. Solid Headphone Case - £11.59

There is many to choose from out on the market ranging from as low as £8 up to £30-40, but I went for this one below as its universal, on the cheaper end of the budget, its also has a secure strap inside for extra protection and it has a additional pouch for and spare cables, usb’s or headphone

3. Sennheiser HD 25 Headphones - £129.00

Know someone that wants to take their skills from the bedroom to the club needs a headphone upgrade to something a little more professional for a very fair price then these Sennheiser HD 25’s are perfect, the most popular professional DJ headphone purely due to the durability and crisp sound quality.

4. Bandcamp Gift Card - £10-100

DJ’s are ALWAYS on the hunt for new music and in my personal opinion, one of the best places to go is Bandcamp for many reasons, firstly because it’s independent artist’s and label’s uploading music for sale you are directly supporting them, secondly, what you may find on Bandcamp you may not find elsewhere, meaning lots of different, unknown and eclectic styles of music making the DJ more unique which is so important in such a saturated industry, so why not grab them a gift card.

5. Magma Control Stand II - £60.00

This one is for the controller DJs, not got the room or don't like how messy and unorganised you controller or laptop set up looks, then this is the perfect gift to make sure everything stays neat and tidy.

Gift Ideas For DJs who are also Producers

1. Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Headphones - £129.00

One of the biggest problems for producers is noise complaints and disrupting the neighbours. The Beyerdynamic DT 770’s are perfect for this, as they offer a flatter frequency response compared to DJ headphones meaning great sound quality for production, and being over ear they are comfortable for extended periods.

2. SSL 2 2-Channel USB Interface - £169.00

When it comes to interfaces there is such a huge range and because of this, when people are buying for the first time, they seem to follow what most people see as the industry standard entry level interface being the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, but what most don't realise is that for an extra £10 you can get the SSL 2, which has a much better audio and build quality, taking it’s inspiration from the huge ssl4000 series console by adding the legacy 4k analogue enhancement. It’s a no
brainer for me.

3. FabFilter Pro-Q 3 - £125

When I get asked what 3rd party plugin’s to look at when first branching out from the standard DAW one’s, the absolute best thing to go for first is the Pro-Q 3 by
FabFilter, it may seem a little pricey for one plugin but it’s so worth it. It’s so smooth when operating and it really allows you dial in with so much more precision than any other visual EQ out on the market, a true game changer.

4. Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol M32 - £99.00

Whether you know how to play a keyboard or not, an essential bit of kit for any produce looking to get some hardware is a midi keyboard. With so many to choose from I’ve decided to list the NI Komplete Kontrol M32, it’s very fairly priced, and it comes with whole collection of samples and instruments which alone make it worth the money.

5. The Secrets Of Dance Music Production - £23.99

Finally, something a little different, this book is great to learn all the tips and tricks of dance music production. It's a great read and lots of beginner and even experienced producers swear by it.

That's a wrap! If you're looking for more gift ideas don't forget the best ones are here.



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