Gifts For Music Producers

Gift Ideas For Music Producers

Christmas is coming and you're searching high and low for the perfect gift for a music producer, luckily we've got you covered. This blog breaks down the best gift ideas for music producers. If you're looking for the perfect gift for a producer this is the best list!

This list of gift ideas for music producers has been compiled by actual music producers so it's the finest resource if you're struggling to think of the ideal gift for your music producer friend. We've added a range of gifts to suit budgets small to large, and blow-out! You'll find everything from stocking fillers to epic experiences and memorable presents that would bring joy to any producer. It's worth also mentioning these gifts are suitable for beginner or advanced producers alike!

Music Producer Gifts

Here's our run down of the best gifts for music producers, starting with our brilliant gift vouchers for 1-2-1 production lessons in our state-of-the-art recording studios!

#1 - Production Lessons & Experience Days at LSA or DJ Gym

The most awesome experience for any producer (beginner or advanced) is to take one-to-one lessons in our studios in London, ManchesterBirmingham or online! 1-2-1 coaching will help them achieve the music of their dreams and give them the connections they need to help them in the music industry. You can buy a lesson or a course as a gift for your loved one on our gifts page. Click here for options in London or online. Click here for options available in Manchester or Birmingham.

Once your producer friend has their voucher they can book in any day of the week, choose their tutor and their lesson times. It is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience!

If you have any questions about our gift vouchers and experiences for music producers click here to contact us or call 02035904429.

1-2-1 Production Lessons For Music Producers - The Perfect Gift!

#2 - A DJ Course at LSA or DJ Gym!

Nowadays producers really make money more from DJ gigs than from actual record sales. Every producer needs to learn how to DJ so what better gift than a DJ course at the UK's most popular DJ academy! We have studios in London, Manchester and Birmingham and we also offer online DJ lessons too!

You can purchase a gift voucher that can be exchanged for a single DJ lesson or an entire DJ course!

Another amazing benefit for them is that we organise DJ gigs for our DJ course graduates at insane venues like Ministry of Sound! To perform at such a famous club is a career changing moment for any producer or DJ. You could be giving them an opportunity that could be life changing!

Graduates of our DJ course performing at Ministry of Sound - What a life-changing experience!
Click here to view gift options for DJ lessons and DJ courses in London or online
Click here to view gift options for DJ lessons and DJ courses in Manchester or Birmingham
Click here to contact us if you have any questions

#3 - Production Headphones

Every music producer needs a good pair of headphones to produce incredible music. Headphones are essential for producers and its vital to have a pair of headphones that reproduce the sound accurately and with high fidelity. There are thousands of options out there but here are the best pair of headphones for producers that balance sound quality and affordability! Any producer would be over the moon with a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO Studio Monitoring Headphones as a gift.

Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO Studio Monitoring Headphones

#4 - Monitor Speakers

High quality and accurate music production is only possible with a good pair of studio monitors. Studio monitors can sell for thousands but you don't need to blow out your budget to make award winning music. Here are the best three options for new music producers within an affordable price range. A pair of any of these monitors would be a well-received gift for any music producer.

Yamaha HS5 & HS7

The Yamaha HS series are an excellent option for music producers. They have been designed to ensure precise, high-resolution sound imaging with excellent frequency response. Featuring newly developed transducers, the design and materials chosen for these monitors have been carefully scrutinised to enhance their audio reproduction. The line-up of this series includes a Sub with 10” Woofer and three nearfield models respectively of 8”, 6.5” and 5”, available in white or black as well as the hanging version. We recommend that for small studio spaces you purchase the HS5 and for larger spaces you purchase the HS7 model. The larger size if often overkill!

Yamaha HS5 & HS7

Adam Audio Monitors

The Adam Audio range of studio monitors are highly respected by music producers all over the world. They are more expensive but extremely desirable for their high fidelity sound and great build quality. As with the Yamaha range of monitors they come in various sizes suitable for different size recording studios and budgets. The Adam Audio A7V's are a great addition to any professional studio.


#5 - Keyboards

Nowadays, music producers can use a midi keyboard to program the notes of any instrument. A midi note pattern can easily be transformed into that of any instrument, for example, a saxophone, a cello, a piano, a guitar and more! You can even use a midi keyboard to program drums. A midi keyboard would make the perfect gift for any music producer who doesn't already have one or is looking to upgrade.

It's the one of the main components of any studio set up. Luckily, there is a huge range of midi keyboards from very cheap to very expensive. There is something for all budgets. Here are a few options for different budgets within the affordable range.

Akai Keyboards

Akai have produced an incredible range of keyboards for music producers for all budgets. Our favourite is the Akai Professional Releases MPK Mini Play Battery Powered Keyboard. This is a brilliant small keyboard suitable for any beginner music producer who has a small production space or small studio. It's also very portable so it makes it a great gift for a music producer who wants to produce on the go.

MPK Mini Play Battery Powered Keyboard

Another great keyboard from Akai is the APC Key 25, built for Ableton users. This keyboard gives the player a grid of buttons and knobs to use with Ableton and it's all pre-mapped for live! This means no faffing around, just plug and play with Ableton Live and get super creative. This is a really awesome gift for any music producer!

APC Key 25 for Ableton Live

#6 - Soundcards

A soundcard is a device or interface that allows music producers to connect all their studio equipment and transmit audio from one thing to another. You can think of it as the hub that allows a producer to connect everything together and record audio. In a way, it's a fancy adapter!

For example, you can use your soundcard to plug in your studio monitors because you can't connect professional studio monitors to a laptop directly, laptops simply don't have those types of plugs or connectors. You'll need a soundcard to make this happen.

Soundcards are also used to connect external instruments and microphones to record audio within a studio environment. Here's our favourite option within the affordable price range. If your music producer friend doesn't already have a soundcard you might want to consider buying one as a gift.

The simplest model in the range, the third-generation Focusrite Scarlett Solo provides singer-songwriters with a reassuringly easy recording process. Equipped with high performance 24-bit/192kHz AD-DA converters, Scarlett guarantees the same professional sound quality throughout the third-generation range.

3rd Generation Focusrite Scarlett Solo

#7 - Turntables (for sampling)

Sampling is the act of taking an audio snippet of any length from some pre existing audio, namely older tracks. One of the best sources of unique samples is from old vinyl records. Many music producers will go record shopping and dig through dusty crates to find long forgotten tracks to sample from. In order to then record the sample they will need a turntable.

There are many turntables out there but we recommend a DJ turntable so that it has more functionality than a standard consumer turntable. We recommend the Pioneer PLX 500 for this and we think it makes the perfect gift for the music producer who already has everything else. It's affordable and great also for DJing! Perhaps your producer loved one also wants to learn how to mix on vinyl, if so click here.

The Pioneer PLX 500 Turntable

#8 - Epic Producer Chair

Every producer needs a comfy chair to work from, one that is ergonomic and promotes healthy posture. it's also vital this chair looks dope in the studio setting! There are tons of chairs out there but one that we rate highly is this Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair. It's super affordable, comfy and looks the part! Any music producer would love to produce in this chair so it makes a great gift idea!

As it's not sold as a producer chair it's way below the price range of similar products but it does the same job!

Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair (Great for producers)

#9 - Cables

Cables are the work-horse of any music production studio setup. Every producer needs high-fidelity cables that are reliable and also look cool! There are many eye-catching colours for audio cables and they add a certain cool factor to a producers set-up, perfect for the gram! They are affordable and thoughtful gifts that all music producers would make good use of. This might make the perfect stocking-filler gift for a music producer.

Colourful XLR Cables

#10 - Acoustic Treatments

It's all very well having the best studio monitors and headphones but if you're music studio is not sound treated it's a total waste! Help your music producer loved one kit out their production space with some stylist acoustic panels.

They are a double gift in many respects because they will improve the acoustic properties of any space but also help decorate the space. It's important for any producer to work in a creative environment, who knows your gift my spur a creative epiphany!

Top Tip! Etsy is a great place to shop for acoustic panels!

Cork Acoustic Panels

If you have any questions about our gift vouchers and experiences for music producers click here to contact us or call 02035904429.


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