Logic Pro Plugins

Logic Pro Plugins

Logic Pro, by Apple, is one of the most popular music production programs (DAW). It's affordable and powerful. Any OS user can download it directly from the Apple App Store by clicking here. At DJ Gym and our partner London Sound Academy we offer music production courses on Logic and also with Ableton. Both of these production programs are amazing and will enable you to create your own music and remixes.

DAW's like Logic come with lots of in-built effects and plugins that allow you to create, arrange and effect sounds. You can use the free in-built plugins for all your needs but there is also the option of buying external plugins from other companies to enhance your suite of tools. As a beginner, you should be getting used to the in-built functions of Logic first. So, what are the best plugins within Logic that come free with the program? Read more to find out about the top five you should be learning as a beginner producer using Logic Pro.


Alchemy is the most advanced sample-manipulation synthesiser build into any DAW out there and thus number 1 in our list of favourite synthesisers and effects in Logic. Alchemy features over 3000 preset sounds right at your fingertips and with its extremely easy navigational interface, you will be able to find exactly the right sound you are looking for very fast.

Top Tip: When it comes to Alchemy is to try out the 8 boxes in the performance section, these are sub-presets to the sound you are working with and will essentially give you 8 different sounding versions of the same sound by adding different effects.

Logic's Alchemy


Quick Sampler is Logic’s newest edition of several new build in samplers in Logic and has finally taken over from the, let’s face it, fairly outdated EXS24 Sampler. Quick Sampler is extremely easy to use and navigate. You can drag and drop samples directly from anywhere on your hard drive or splice application into Quick Sampler. Load in and sample and Quick Sampler will chromatically pitch them so you can play any sample as an instrument.

Top Tip: When it comes to Quick Sampler is to try and open a vocal sample with multiple phrases and use Slice mode. You will now slice the sample into multiple samples and can rearrange the individual words in the phrases. VERY FUN!

Logic's Quick Sampler


ES2 might not look the easiest to use, or the most modern of the build-in Synths in Logic, but it’s truly still one of the most versatile build-in synths in any of the main DAWs out there. The ES2 is an extremely versatile synthesiser that delivers depth of sound and delivers a wide range of sounds from dirty analog to crisp digital synth sounds. The ES2 is built on a virtual analog structure with 3 different oscillators and multiple filters and a tonne of other parameters. So get stuck in and try and create sounds.

Top Tip: When it comes to ES2 is to try the random function or tweak both filter frequency and resonance at the same time to create movement in your synth melody, chords or baselines.

Logic's ES2


Arpeggiator, also known as Arp, will create complex melodies and rhythms out of whatever midi signal you add it too and can transfer simple chords into elaborate performances. Arpeggiator has a tonne of presets or you can create your own by changing the rate, note order, and octave range of the notes. You can also add swing to help the Arp groove with your song.

Top Tip: When it comes to arpeggiator is to find a preset you dig and change the pattern and also switch between the 6 main squares in the Arp to change the noise direction. This will dramatically change the way the Arp behaves and you will end up with something new and unique.

Logic's Arpeggiator


Pitch correction is Logic’s very own build-in Auto Tuner effect. For those of you who don’t know what an auto-tuner does,  it can re-pitch any vocal song out of tune and put it into tune. This has helped a number of famous singers, I won’t name names :) over the years since autotune was invented in 1997 by Andy Hildebrand. Logic’s build-in Pitch Correction is a great auto tuner so no need to buy expensive vat’s for this specific task. All you need to do is set the key scale you are working in and voila the vocal will now be in tune.

Top Tip: For Pitch Correction is to play around a lot with the response fader, fast will make it sound more like Cher, slow will sound more natural.

Logic Pitch Correction

Enjoy, and remember, if you would like to learn how to use Logic we offer one-to-one lessons and course both in our studios in London, Manchester and Birmingham and online. Click here to contact us.



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