The Best DJ Software For Beginner DJs in 2021

The Best DJ Software 2021

Most people when they start to DJ often look to purchase a DJ controller as they offer an affordable entry point to DJing, this is a great idea when an industry standard club set up could cost in excess of £5000. Good beginner DJ controllers can cost as little as £200 upward.

Before you pick your controller it is a good idea to pick the software you wish to use alongside the controller as most controllers have software that is native to their use, aside from a handful that can manage different softwares. In the list bellow we will aim to pick out the best options for you as a first time buyer or even more experienced DJ looking for a portable option.

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Rekordbox is an industry standard software by Pioneer used by most people to prepare and upload their songs to usb to use with their CDJ range. It can also be used as a software to DJ and be controlled by any number of their consoles. As most clubs use pioneer equipment it saves having to have two separate libraries for your controller and USB, meaning you can keep all the same cue points and loops.  

We highly recommend using Rekordbox because it's free and reliable for club-use. However if you're just DJing as a hobby at home you can choose any program.

We mainly use Rekordbox in our DJ course but we can also teach with Traktor or Serato by request.

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Originally a digital vinyl system, Serato over the years has merged with other Rane software to become an all in one platform much like Rekordbox and Traktor. Serato is heavily used by open format DJs, just because it was heavily marketing towards those demographics. Serato DJs often take their own equipment and laptop to their gigs instead of using the Pioneer DJ equipment.

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One of the original DJ softwares, Traktor has some of the most unique and flexible features, often favoured by Techno DJs for its looping functions and remix controllers that let you completely re-arrange your music on the fly. Their controllers are also very unique and it's recommended that you stick with their own operating software. However Traktor is an "open" software and can be midi mapped with any incoming device to be set up however you desire. Traktor by Native Instruments is pushing the boundary between DJing and producing and many of it's advanced features focus on the concept of sample mixing or layer mixing with stems. The most popular Traktor controller in the Traktor S2.

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Virtual DJ

Often over looked Virtual DJ is solid bit of software that is perfect for beginners looking to dip their toe in, having some great automation features that allow you to DJ easily. Compatible with a wide variety of controllers and an unlimited trial period Virtual DJ is a solid choice for people starting out. It also has a very powerful Video DJ plugin available with the upgrade.  

Algoriddim Djay Pro

Starting life as a free iPhone app Djay graduated to OS earlier last year in attempt to compete with Serato, Traktor and Rekordbox. One of the best things about DJay is its streaming capabilities and integration with Spotify, being able to access any song on request is a very powerful tool. Also having the Spotify integration is a great start for those who don't want to fork out lots of money to get their library started.


It can be hard to choose the right DJ software where you are a beginner. Our advice is that if you want to be a club DJ in the House, EDM or Techno scene then you'll most likely want to learn with Rekordbox which is the worldwide industry standard. If you're more into open-format DJing then you'll most likely want to learn with Serato and Rekordbox. If you're into layer-mixing or samples you'll want to learn how to use Traktor. If you're a bedroom DJ try Viirtual DJ or Djay Pro!

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