Top Five Free VSTs For 2021

Top Five Free VSTs For 2021

Are you looking for where to download free VSTs for music production? If you are make sure you check out our Top Five VST guide for 2021!

Tape Cassette 2

This is an updated version of the Tape Cassette 1 designed to emulate old school tape recordings. Either apply it to a single track or slap it on the master to give the entire track some warm vintage tones. Featuring some simple but effective parameters including:

Saturation +/-24dB.
Low Pass Filter 5-22kHz.
Noise -80 to 0 dB.
Wow 0 - 100%.
Flutter 0 - 100%.
IR On/Off.
Oversampling (2x, 4x, 8x, 16x).
Auto-Gain On/Off.
Output +/- 24dB.
Tape Cassette 2

Click here to download Tape Cassette 2!

Slate Digital Fresh Air

Fresh Air is a dynamic high-end processor, based on vintage excited and advanced dynamic processing. Fresh Air adds brilliance to the top end of your tracks and makes them truly sparkle!. Great on clearing up vocals or adding into your mastering chain - it's free to download on the slate digital website.

Slate Digital Fresh Air

Click here to download Fresh Air

Etherealwinds Harp 2

Etherealwinds Harp II is a stereo sampled 34-string Iona Celtic harp. Featuring Chromatic sampling of a 34-string lever harp @ 44.1/16, 2 velocity layers, 2 round robins, Bonus: a selection of harp effects and vocal phrases from the full library. Getting some rave reviews this is one to definitely check out.

Etherealwinds Harp II

Click here to download Ethereal Winds Harp II

Ioata Mini

the Ioata Mini is a trap sample powerhouse featuring drums kits, bass, and synths this is a great song starter tool for any budding trap producer. Boasting 50 instruments, 10 drum machine kits and easy MPC compatibility this is deffo value for money.

Ioata Mini

Click here to download Ioata Mini

Nils k1v

This is one for all the rompler fans out there based on the Japanese 1980s classic Kawai K1 this free vst is a great emulator of the classic hardware. It features very accurate emulation of all parameters and includes 968 Single presets and 384 Multi presets. In addition, it also includes the original factory bank + all ROM cards + all 200 Kawai PHm Pop Synth Module Singles. It's all organised in banks and with search capability, full editing support for both Singles and Multis and can import & export SysEx presets & banks from/to the original device. This VSA can also transmit & receive parameter changes via SysEx to act as an editor for the hardware or to be edited with external editors, resizable user interface. Wow that's a lot for a free VST!

Nils k1v

Click here to download the Nils k1v free VST

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