Why the Shure SM58 is the Ultimate Microphone for Club DJs

Why the Shure SM58 is the Ultimate Microphone for Club DJs

Many DJs use a mic during their DJ set for themselves, an MC, musician or a performer. However, understanding which microphone is the best to use in a club environment is crucial knowledge for DJs. There are many microphones a DJ can use but one stands out as the all-time favourite. Welcome to the stage the legendary Shure SM58!

In this blog we seek to explain why the Shure SM58 is the best mic for DJs and how it became so famous in the DJ industry.

What is a mic?

A "mic" or "mike," as it's also known, is an abbreviation for "microphone." A microphone is a device that converts sound waves into electrical signals. This allows us to record audio and connect to sound systems for performance, such as singing, talking or playing an instrument. Microphones are commonly used to record audio in a music studio, sing on stage, make public announcements and they are even inside your phone and computer!

Do all DJs use a mic?

Not all DJs. Some DJs will use a mic during their DJ set but some won't. What type of DJ you are can determine if you're expected to use one or not. Many DJs use a mic to connect with their audience, encourage participation and increase the energy of their performance. Some DJs will avoid using a microphone because stylistically they want to focus on the music. However, both types of DJ should understand and know how to use a mic and how to avoid feedback. Regardless of if the DJ wants to use the mic themselves they might still need to set up a mic for an MC, PA system or musician. For example, occasionally a DJ will perform alongside a singer, sax player, bongo player or other musician.

What is an MC?

In the context of DJing and hosting events "MC" stands for "Master of Ceremonies" or "Mic Controller" Another common phrase for the same job is "hype man" or 'host' and their job is to hype up the crowd. Sometimes they will add to the DJ performance with rap verses, vocal improvisations or singing.

What is a PA?

In the context of DJ events "PA" stands for "Public Address." Typically it refers to the amplification of sound delivered to a live audience. PA systems consist of speakers, amplifiers, microphones and other audio devices such as DJ mixers. PA systems are commonly used at DJ events, band concerts, music festivals and events where music, singing or talking needs to be amplified to reach a larger audience. Many singers will also refer to their performance as a "PA" or "Public Announcement."

Why is the Shure SM58 the most famous mic for DJs?

In the world of DJing, performance and reliability are paramount. Your choice of equipment can make or break a DJ performance. DJs will always prefer working tried-and-tested brands that offer excellent sound quality, durability, value for money and above all, dependability.

Enter the Shure SM58 - a microphone that has been revered by DJs and sound engineers around the globe since 1966. Let's now delve into why the Shure SM58 has gained this unparalleled reputation. The SM58 model is renowned for its rugged construction and can withstand being dropped and rough handled. This is vital for hectic environments like rock concerts and rowdy DJ gigs.

The Shure SM58 is a dynamic cardioid microphone designed for live vocals and speech performed within a loud environment, such as a club. its design means that its most sensitive to sound coming from directly in front of it (where your mouth or instrument would be) It actively rejects sounds that come at it from the sides and rear meaning that it's perfect to reduce the risk of feedback and unwanted background noise. It works perfectly to isolate the sound you want and ignores the sounds you don't.

It's one of the reasons you often see rappers and singers holding a Shure SM58 very close to their mouths. Your mouth needs to be very close to the mic for it to work.

What is feedback?

Feedback is a high-pitched sustained screeching sound caused when the microphone picks up it's own output from the speaker. Feedback will occur when the sound from the speaker enters the microphone and the mic then sends the sound back through the sound system which then amplifies it again and sends it back out of the speaker into the mic again (and again) thus creating a feedback loop. Feedback is typically unwanted and can ruin a performance.

DJs and live performers want to avoid feedback at all costs and one of the best ways to do this is to use a Shure SM58.

Key Features and Benefits of the Famous Shure SM58 Microphone

  1. Durability: One of the most famous features of the SM58 is how durable it is. It can withstand being dropped, thrown and abused during the most riotous of punk rock performances. It truly is a rock and roll microphone capable of delivering performance under pressure.
  2. Affordability: Coming in at just over £100 or $100 dollars it represents one of the best investments in a PA system. A SM58 can last you a lifetime of performances so you can plenty of bang for your buck.
  3. Sound Quality: The SM58 provides an excellent frequency response capturing vocals with clarity. It has a natural and crisp sound reproduction.
  4. Feedback Rejection: Feedback can ruin a performance but the Shure SM58 is designed to minimise the risk of feedback making it the perfect mix for club use.
  5. Built-in Pop Filter: The Shure SM58 has an integrated pop filter. This internal built-in filter reduces breath, pop and hissing noises.
  6. Iconic Design: The Shure SM58 has an iconic design that is instantly recognisable to musicians and audiences alike.
  7. Tried-and-Tested: As the world most famous club DJ microphone you can forget about any performance worries. This mic is loved by thousands of DJs and musicians and simply gets the job done!


Since 1966 the SM58 has garnered industry respect and become to go-to club DJ microphone. It's numerous benefits do the job perfectly and it's strong enough to resist the inevitability of bumps and mic drops. The SM58 has set the benchmark for excellence in live vocal and speech performances and we don't see it's crown being toppled any time soon! Make sure your DJ kit includes this iconic tool.

P.s. We are in not sponsored by Shure or benefiting financially from this article, we just really love this microphone!



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