Why You Should Focus On Product And Not Promotion

Why You Should Focus On Product And Not Promotion

Many new DJs and producers are focussed heavily on self-promotion. They spend a large percentage of their time on promoting and less on learning and production. I'm of the opinion this is the wrong strategy for most people. This is why...

1. The Right Product Promotes Itself

It takes a lot of effort to continuously shout from the rooftops about yourself or your brand. If something is forced down your throat you quickly develop a distaste for it and so your promotional efforts will yield less and less returns. Your audience will grow bored, switch off, and ultimately you will end up looking desperate.

It's far easier and more sophisticated to create the perfect product and let it talk for itself. If something is genuinely interesting people will talk about it and seek it out. They will share with their friends and save you the job! You can then focus on producing more. Of course you'll still need to have a promotion strategy to get the initial word out but after that you want to benefit from a snow-ball effect or promotional tipping point.

2. There Is Worth In Rarity

If something is in heavy circulation it's less valuable. Spread yourself thin online and you erode all sense of rarity and become common and boring. Encourage interest in yourself or your brand with select appearances. This perceived rarity will ignite interest you. Turning down gigs often creates more demand. Hiding your identity can also help create mystique around your art.

3. The More You Say The More Diluted Your Message

If you're constantly promoting, conversing and commenting online you're sending out many mixed messages. This sea of content will ultimately dilute your brand and lead to your seeming very ordinary, or at worse annoying. The less you say the smarter you sound. Each little nugget of information will seem more profound.

4. Have The Product To Back Up The Claim

If you're seeking attention make damn sure you have the product to back up the claims. You might get lucky and land a big gig, interview or opportunity. If you've not spent time perfecting your craft before this opportunity appears you may have wasted it. Don't promote yourself before you have anything to be proud of. The egg really did come before the chicken. Make yours a golden one and nurture it!

5. Social Media Is Toxic

Social media has a toxic affect on your mental health. Constantly comparing yourself to other people and other artists will affect your self confidence but it will also erode your sense of self- identity. It's also a massive time waste! Just imagine if you spent all those hours scrolling on something productive instead.

After all, if everyone looked the same, we'd be tired of looking at each other. If you want to stand out online it's far easier if you don't fit into the norm. So find that weird thing about you and exaggerate it.

I hope you find this advice useful! I have plenty of experience in the industry and many more blogs for you to read. Please check them out and share the ones you like!



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