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Level Up Your DJ Skills: DJ in Birmingham and Beyond

Get booked to DJ in Birmingham with our network of DJ opportunities. Our academy offers aspiring DJs in Birmingham the chance to improve their DJ skills and access incredible DJ gigs. DJ Gym Birmingham graduates have the career-changing opportunity to apply for DJ gigs in Birmingham, Manchester, London and Ibiza.

DJ Gym Birmingham courses are accredited by London Sound Academy (LSA) and offer graduates the access to the private LSA alumni community group. Within the group DJs can apply for a range of DJ gigs including at Lab11, Ministry of Sound, XOYO, Egg London and more. There are even DJ opportunities in Ibiza during the summer season!

If you're looking for top-tier DJ opportunities and the chance to showcase your DJ skills this is it! Join our academy, skill-up, network and perform.

Break into the Industry

We all know it's difficult as a solo artist to break into the music industry. If you're a bedroom DJ and want to break out of the box, this is your chance. Our DJ courses are suitable for all levels, beginner, intermediate, advanced and elite. If you've already got some DJ experience you can start at a higher level. We even offer music production courses.

DJ Gym Birmingham stands out as a premier institution for DJs in Birmingham who are serious about their DJ careers. Make your mark with the help of outstanding private coaching and access to unparalleled DJ opportunities. Click here for our DJ courses.

Flyer showing DJ Gym Graduates Performing at AFTADARK at LAB11 in Birmingham

Access to DJ Gigs in Birmingham

Birmingham offers one of the UK's most vibrant clubbing scenes and DJs are in high demand. Establishing yourself as a DJ in Birmingham can greatly benefit your DJ career. To help our students we work closely with local venues and clubs to help provide DJ opportunities. AFTADARK is one of the cities most respected club nights that takes place at LAB11. Under our in-house Harbour brand, we book DJs for Room 2 at AFTADARK, giving them an unmatched opportunity to perform, network and grow as artists.

Become Part of the LSA Network

DJ Gym Birmingham is part of the London Sound Academy (LSA) network, which opens doors to even more exciting opportunities. LSA has close connections with some of the UK's leading venues including Ministry of Sound, Egg London and XOYO. In addition, LSA works with music festivals and organises DJ gigs in Ibiza.

On completion of our Pro DJ Course, DJ Gym graduates will receive LSA certification and be invited to join a private community group where they can apply for DJ gigs.

Summer Gigs in Ibiza

For many DJs, playing in Ibiza is a the ultimate goal. The island is legendary and appearing in Ibiza can help DJs establish themselves as electronic music artists. The experience of DJing internationally in Ibiza is invaluable and helps DJs attract new fans and followers. LSA organises DJ gigs in Ibiza every summer including clubs, bars and boat parties. If you want to DJ in Ibiza enrol on the LSA Pro DJ Course at DJ Gym or at London Sound Academy.

Learn More About DJ Career Coaching

At DJ Gym we offer more than DJ tuition. We actively help our graduates establish themselves in the music industry be securing their first DJ performances. As part of the LSA network, DJ Gym alumni can access an incredible array of DJ opportunities. Furthermore, the one-to-one coaching and mentorship that DJ Gym tutors give their students in truly gold dust!

If you want to launch a DJ career with numerous DJ performances and help from DJs established in the industry join our academy. Click here to contact us.



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