Online Ableton or Logic Music Production Course

1-2-1 Online Music Production Course with Ableton or Logic - Available Now with Marc Spence!

Now is the perfect time to learn how to produce music from home with our online course.

We are the only academy to be offering 1-2-1 online music production courses! Every DJ staying at home for the COVID-19 outbreak can take advantage of this one-time offer.

The first ten students booking our new online course will also get a video version of the entire curriculum worth £199 to watch on repeat as much as they like for the duration of the course.

Book Online Production Course Ableton Logic English Free

Marc Spence Online Tuition Music Production Ableton Logic DJ Gym
Tutor Marc Spence - Available For One2One Ableton & Logic Production

How Online Music Production Courses Work:

Once you book the course using the steps below we will contact you to arrange a set-up call and help you install a free program called Zoom. You will need to have the software program Ableton or Logic installed on your computer and an internet connection for the lessons to work.

Marc will be available at 12:00, 14:30, 17:00 and 19:30 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. We recommend taking at least two sessions a week. We expect his slots to sell out so book now!

Benefits of Our Online Music Production Courses

1. Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Levels Only £329 each

2. 1-2-1 Online Lessons with Marc on Ableton or Logic

3. Choose Your Own Lesson Times & Schedule

4. LSA Accredited Course

5. Certification on Graduation

6. Release on LSA Records

Course Duration & Fees

The course content is the same as our normal music production one-to-one course with Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Each level is £329 and consists of four two-hour lessons with accompanying videos and notes. You can also switch between offline and online lessons anytime in the future.

There are four two-hour lessons in the Beginner level and it's the same for both the Intermediate and Advanced. We recommend booking two or more lessons a week but the times you choose is up to you, you're in control of your own learning schedule.

What Your Will Learn:

This course is designed to teach you all the theory and skills you need in order to use Ableton or Logic to produce your own professional tracks. Please look at our music production course pages for more about the curriculum. You can also click here to contact us if you have any questions, or want to arrange a call.

Once you have completed the Advanced level and graduated you will join our community of DJs, promoters and producers and be able to submit your tracks to LSA records for release.

How To Book Your Online Course

Step One

Book the course and schedule your first lesson by clicking here.

Step Two

We'll contact you to arrange a set-up call.

Step Three

Once you have completed the Beginner level you can book the Intermediate and Advanced courses online using the same link. 

For more information just click here to contact us.

About Your Tutor Marc Spence

Marc has shown a great deal of natural ability in music and should be pushed to pursue it” - the self-fulfilling prophecy etched on his school report at the age of just 7. With a burning desire and relentless work ethic, Marc has been tailoring his life to music for over 15 years. Constantly pushing, evolving and inspiring those around him.

A self-taught DJ and Producer whose infectious beats (and personality) have seen him tour all across the globe. Testament to his ability to craft a constantly unique, evolving sound, his releases can be found on some of the industry's most prestigious labels: Dirtybird, Universal, Interscope, Insomniac & This Ain’t Bristol plus many more. Marc's own imprint Box of Cats - alongside Wongo and Kyle Watson - has also received critical praise.  

Rattling around in the loose canon of House music, his no-holds-barred production style is famously difficult to pin down. But therein lies the appeal, seizing praise and support from the likes of Claude Von Stroke and Luciano to Denis Sulta and Carl Cox.

Now, with a brand new homemade studio at his fingertips, it seems that Marc has only just been getting started...

Click Here To View Marc Spence on Beatport

Marc Spence


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