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Our Top DJ Blogs

Here we highlight the best DJ blogs giving you a range of free DJ advice. Use this list of our ultimate DJ blogs to help you further your DJ and music production career. Make sure you bookmark this page and our blog for weekly updates! Every week we publish a new DJ blog to help beginner DJs and pros alike.

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List of the Most Common DJ Mistakes 

Avoid these embarrassing mistakes and present yourself as a flawless DJ. This is the ultimate guide to knowing about the common pitfalls and how to avoid them. 

Do I Need a DJ License? 

Find out if you need a license or to pay any fees to be a DJ

What is a DJ Rider? 

Even professional DJs often don’t know everything about DJ riders. If you’re new to the game or want to deepen your knowledge click the link to learn all about the various types of DJ riders. 

How To Get DJ Gigs

Want to know how to get more DJ gigs? This extensive guide will inspire you to look for DJ gigs and get more work as a professional DJ. 

How To Protect Your Hearing

Learn how DJs protect their hearing at DJ gigs and events. Make sure you’re looking after your most valuable tool!

Unusual DJ Gig Ideas

There are many places you may never have thought to DJ at. Some of them pay exceedingly well! Make sure you’re not missing out big time on some of the best DJ opportunities around. 

Ten Ways To Get Better Paid DJ Gigs

Learn how professional DJs use leverage to get more money. 

Top Five DJ Myths Busted

We reveal the top DJ myths and the real truth behind the rumours! 

How To Promote Yourself

Learn how DJs promote themselves and get more DJ work. Use these tips to find more DJ gigs and negotiate better-paid bookings. 

Taking Song Requests

The ultimate guide on DJ song requests. Learn if you need to accept song requests and how to fit them into your DJ set. 

What To Do When The Music Stops 

Eeek! That moment when the music stops can be cringeworthy! Learn how to avoid embarrassing mistakes when DJing and keep the music playing. 

Beatmatching, Phasematching & Tempomatching

Learn about the important differences between beatmatching, phrasematching and tempo mating. We uncover common misunderstandings to help you learn how to time your DJ mix like a pro. 

Turntablism & Scratching 

Learn about the rich history of turntablism and scratching from its origins to modern-day turntablism. This inspirational guide is great for any DJ who wants to learn how to scratch! 

Manchester Calling

Unearth the incredible musical history of Manchester! For decades Manchester has been a beating heart of electronic music globally, so what makes it such a creative city? 

Birmingham’s Creative Quarter 

Learn all about Digbeth, Birmingham’s creative district and home of DJ Gym! It’s a thriving area for creatives and clubs! 

How to Make Music with AI

Learn how to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to help you create music. 

Should DJs Advertise? 

Some DJs will use advertising as a way to promote themselves. However, it’s not the best option for everyone. Learn about the pros and cons of advertising as a DJ. 

How To Release Your Music

If you’re an aspiring producer DJ you’ll want to learn about how you can one day release your music. Get your music on Spotify, Apple Music and Beatport with this exclusive guide. 

How to Book a Headline DJ

If you’re a DJ who dabbles in event promotion you’re probably asking yourself, how do you book a headline DJ? This blog has all the answers! 

Chat GPT For DJs

Chat GPT is the most popular AI tool. DJs can use it for many things from creating playlists, suggesting music or writing a DJ biography. Find out how you can use Chat GPT to save you time and advance your DJ career.

Ten Secrets Of Pro DJs

We reveal ten secrets that professional DJs would rather keep to themselves. Find out what they don’t want you to know!

Five Secrets of Resident DJs 

Many new DJs have the goal of becoming a resident DJ. Learn the tricks of the trade with our guide to the top five secrets resident DJs use to help them secure gigs. 

How To Perform a Warm-up DJ Set

Learn how to correctly perform a warm-up or early doors DJ set. We reveal the pros and cons and what you should consider when planning and preparing for a warmup. 


We hope you enjoyed our round-up of the best DJ blogs. Use these guides and articles to help you learn about the business of DJing. As always, if you have any questions just let us know!

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